Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Show Preview - Young Prisms - 4/15/11 - Brillobox - Concert Preview - Pittsburgh

Young Prisms will perform this Friday, 4/15 at the Brillobox. They are a young band out of San Fransisco (most beautiful city in US). It's easy to describe their music as 'shoegaze', taking queues from My Blood Valentine, Ride, among others. But their sound goes much deeper than that (plus they have photos of a boston terrier on their site which makes the band badass). They are touring behind their debut lp Friends For Now, that was released this past January.

Young Prisms "Sugar" from kay kanine on Vimeo.

From their bio:

The group’s lyrics, which you’ll have to do your best to decipher, are laced with a kind of nonchalance (I’m thinking of one song off the new LP called “If You Want To,” as in “whatevs”) that devolves quickly into a grim, passionate poetry part My Bloody Valentine, part Sonic Youth, part Charles Bukowski, part some kind of uncategorizable sparkly ecstasy. Whoa.

So consider this a warning issued with an inviting grin: this music will make you want to drop acid and become a recluse. Or it will make you even less excited to work your shitty day job. Or it will make you jump up and down in a dark crowded room while your eardrums bleed. Or it will make you feel something secret like happiness, minus any sentimental whimsicality. Or it will make you want to read Sarte, or graphic comic books, or maybe Hunter Thompson. And in one hundred years when people want to know what it felt like to be young on the West Coast in the early new millennium, they might just put on this record, by these rising kings (and queen) of Psychedelic Slackerdom.

Young Prisms will be opening for the Fresh & Onlys at the Brillobox. Show begins at 10p.