Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cee Lo Kicked Offstage at Coachella - 4/15/11

In keeping with the "kick offstage" theme, we bring you yesterday's performance by Cee Lo. I have been to Coachella more than a few times, but this year was watching it online. Last night, while the Pens were throttled, a few of us were watching his show live on the net. Things started off poorly, as CL showed up 20 minutes late to his set. When he started playing, you could barely make out what he was singing while the mix was absolutely horrible.

Of course, this never happened to his liking. He ended up tell the audio man to fuck himself. His last song was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" which he wasn't able to get through because Coachella cut him off. He told Golden Voice (promoters) to fuck off before walking off and visibly bitching out anyone associated with the concert. Disappointing for the large crowd that turned out for him. But he was right in one regard; he previously stated he wasn't happy with his set time. And who can blame a 300 lb man in 100 degrees of heat?

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