Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show Review - Gifts from Enola, In the Wake of Giants, Lehnen – 3/7/11 - Garfield Artworks - Concert Review

I was treated to two fantastic shows in two days, with Alex Winston and then Gifts from Enola and others. Granted, very different styles of music. I arrived late at Garfield artworks to find out that If These Tree Could Talk had been forced to cancel, so I am not sure who replaced them. I had been excited for the one-two punch of Trees and Gifts from Enola, but it turned out to be excellent nonetheless. The lineup was a post-rock dream. Each band combines elements of ambiance, beautiful melodies, thrashing, and exploding emotion into long, building songs. Enola closed out the show with an over the top set of schizophrenic rock that rarely rested in one spot for long before collapsing into new melodies or outbursts of guitars.

A big surprise of the night for me was In the Wake of Giants. A Pittsburgh band—they were phenomenal. Their music relied on more driving rhythms than Enola, producing a simultaneously muscular and manic sound which held their grooves a bit longer and built up to some tremendous pay offs. Spring is here. Bands are touring again. I can’t wait for more.

--Daniel Hammer

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