Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Album - Generationals - Actor-Caster

Just was checking out Pitchfork and came upon this review of the new album for the Generationals. I hadn't realized they even produced another album. I was in love with this album back in 2009. It was in my player for quite sometime. I was a little disappointed seeing them live this past year in Morgantown, but that happens. Pitchfork had this to say about it:

Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer court their catchy tunes in uncomplicated ways, creating minor, genre-spanning songs that oddly locate the same sort of similar kind of grinning, crowd-pleasing affability. The dusty guitar boogie of "Ten-Twenty-Ten", which could pass for an early Phoenix track, is a great guidepost, showcasing the band's proclivity for lively rhythmics and frill-less, friendly hooks.

Generationals - Greenleaf by Pacoco

Hopefully it's as good as the last.


  1. This album is streaming now at Spinner. I'm listening to it, and enjoying. Here's the link: