Monday, February 14, 2011

Show Preview - Aloud - Garfield Artworks - 2/20/11 - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Aloud will be performing at Garfield Artworks this Sunday, 2/20. Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain makeup the group, having performed together since their early teens. Hailing from Boston the band plays catchy rock songs utilizing two vocalists. They are touring behind their new lp Exile. Jen was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the new album, their sound and touring.

You just completed your third album Exile. From what I have heard it’s a very atmospheric album. How is this a departure from your previous albums? Was there a certain sound you were attempting to achieve?

Jen: Our previous record, Fan the Fury, was a more guitar driven punk-rock record written in the midst of an election year. That record was very brash and big. This one's a little more subdued, though I wouldn't count the sound being any less big--just different. It's a more introspective record though not necessarily into our own heads, but whatever characters we created. It was more of a narrative than the last record and we wanted to create the places in the songs, so that you'd step into the room where the story was happening.

The album lyrics are very dark speaking of heartbreaks, loneliness, etc. Was there an overall storyline behind the lp? Was this a difficult time when writing the material?

Jen: I wouldn't say there was an overall story, but we did want an overall mood. The initial songs had this mood, this loneliness and we went with it since we it was interesting and we hadn't done it before. The Exile thing comes from our parents who are Cuban exiles and this book by another Cuban exile called Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas. We took that idea of Exile to explore some of those lonely type themes. We happened to be going through losing our rhythm section of 6 years at the time as well and though it was what needed to happen it was a little isolating.

You have been creating music over three lp’s. Do you work on other projects? Have you toured nationally before?

Jen: Occasionally Henry and I might write a song with someone, but that's very once in a blue moon sort of thing. Aloud is our band where we can write the songs we want and play the music we like. We have toured nationally before. Since Fan the Fury we've done two week tours through the South and Midwest and for Exile we did our first national tour to the West coast and back. This will be our second.

Could you talk about the lyrics from “Counterfeit Star”? I don’t know how I was convinced/to overlook your Judas kiss. And though it looks like you’re healing/I know you are just really feeling/up a crowd to hustle for your next trick.

Jen: It seems a bit self-explanatory to me. That song is just about those people you know who put on a good show, but you see right through them. It could be anyone.

How do you go about creating your music? Do you all contribute to the lyrics and music?

Jen: Henry and I have been writing songs since our teens. We collaborate on both the music and the lyrics. He might come with something that's not done and vice versa and we'll help the other finish out the song or sometimes we'll do it from scratch at a writing session. We had regular weekly writing sessions for Exile and that helped. It's sort of different each time though and that helps keep us interested. Who wants to be bored?

What would you like to accomplish as a band? What are the goals?

Jen: Mainly we'd like to continue making records and hoping they're better than the previous as well as playing as many tours as possible. Recording and touring means we're working and we like to be busy. We really like mixing our music with our kinds of media though, so doing something for or with film like videos or soundtracks sounds great. We've contributed music to some local plays as well and I think that came off great. We love working with other people and have been lucky to work with some very talented folks.

Could you speak to the lyrics for “Old Soldier”? buried in the dust and debris/of a peace that I’ll never get to see. Put your hand inside of mine…..I’m still waiting to bow out?

Jen: Well, quite simply this is a song about someone who's been fighting for something important their whole lives and maybe it's time they did something for themselves and let someone else bear the burden. It's someone unloading to another friend and that friend is saying maybe it's time to ease off and enjoy things for a while and let someone else keep fighting.

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album?

Jen: I think it's safe to say that a very common reason led Henry and I to music. The Beatles. It started there and every couple of years we rediscover that band or a different period of that band. They were what they were, but mainly they made great music and they made us want to do the same.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Jen: We're looking forward to coming back to a city with it's own thriving music scene and we'd love to see you at the show at Garfield Artworks on February 20th. Cheers!

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