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Local Spotlight - February 2011 - Boulevard of the Allies - Pittsburgh

Boulevard of the Allies is our local spotlight for the month of February. Joel Lindsey is the founding member and a transplant from London.  He has resided in the city for the past 4 years. They are releasing their new album Man in the Photograph consisting of songs about Joel's move from London to Pittsburgh. You can find the entire album streaming on their site: Below are some questions Joel was kind enough to answer for us.

How did the band come together? Were you all friends that went to school? Or?

I moved from London England to Pittsburgh in 2007. Prior to this I had gigged with my London band for several years, but often felt that it was the wrong city for us. I travelled America from DC to San Francisco, but felt a strong connection to Pittsburgh. I met like minded musicians and soon formed Boulevard of the Allies. I never thought I'd stay in Pittsburgh for so long. I've been here for 4 years. I love this city.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

I guess soulful rock / pop. With a hint of funkaliciousness.

Are you all originally from the Pittsburgh area? Families here as well?

I married a Pittsburgh chick! She's from Beaver County. I have family in NY whom I see whenever we play in The Village. We're due another visit to the Big Apple pretty soon. Our favorite NY venue to play is The Bitter End.

Do you all create music full time or is this more of a part time venture?

I play a lot of gigs, both solo and with the band. I teach private guitar lessons too, but gigging keeps me very occupied. I also play the role of band manager. I've got a lot of chutzpah when it comes to finding the band new and interesting gigs. The British accent helps!

How do you create your music? What is the song writing process?

We released our debut album 'Man in the Photograph'. It's a poppy album with a lot of heart-felt songs. They are about changing environment, taking risks and longing for loved ones far away. This set of songs were written by myself and brother Marlon. Our next recordings will consist of songs written collectively by the band. It'll be a different sound. Perhaps... Something more cohesive and rocking! I'm excited about it. We've already begun pre-production. It's a lot edgier.

What are your goals for the band? What would you like to accomplish? Are you trying to get signed to a label?

We have gigs booked in London and Rome in March 2011, and we're sending out a multitude of press packs to labels, radio stations and publishing companies hoping for some positive response. We're a hard-working band and I believe we can achieve some great things - we're all very ambitious.

What advice would you give to local acts trying to make it?

Go on American Idol. Just kidding. I guess record a great album, make a music video and promote yourself in every way possible. Try to build an online presence, gig in as many different places as possible and try to keep people interested in you and your music.

Have you all toured nationally? Or do you usually stay more regionally?

We perform across the state regularly and often into New York, and have gigs planned in Europe this year.

We love to perform to new audiences. Of course, I love performing to my friends and family in London, my hometown. I go back at least a couple of times a year.

Being in the Pgh area, do you find it more difficult to try and succeed?

Define 'Succeed'! It's a difficult city to build a following and get discovered by industry folk, but it's a great city to find lots of great gigs and meet great musicians. The talent in this city is exceptional. That's what has kept me here.

What are some of the obstacles you face trying to create some 'success' in Pgh?

I need to work on my yinzer accent (just kidding). There are few booking agencies and management companies (that I know of) in this city. Perhaps there's a niche there. I should start an agency that will help artists to find new and interesting opportunities in other parts of the country / world. Hmm thanks for the inspiration...

What are the positive benefits of being in the area?

I paid less for my house here than my brother in London spent on his new car. Plus... I'm a bit of a Steelers fan.

Is there a venue you have enjoyed playing more than others in the area?

It's gotta be Club Cafe. It's my stomping ground. It's one of the first places I played here. The staff are great, the sound is great and I'm one of the AcoustiCafe hosts on Monday nights (shameless plug... Pittsburgh musicians come and check it out!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ticket Giveaway - BOBBY (band) - Brillobox - 2/26/11 - Show Preview - Pittsburgh

The band BOBBY will be performing at the Brillobox this Friday, 2/26. We are happy to give away a pair of tickets to the show, just email us at

Sore Spores by bobbytheband

From his press:

Bobby first attempted to make contact with Tom Greenberg (Twiglet) at college, but no one really noticed Bobby until everyone had already graduated. He had, in all likelihood, been there since early ’09--a stowaway on Uncle Marth’s back chunk--soaking up all the sick milk he could stick his soft little hands into. When Tom finally did meet him face to face in the Spring of 2010, Bobby became nervous and got sick all over his little brown tap shoes and turned into a mist. He was naught but vapor for a whole month, but soon after that, they fell in together; Tom making tunes to accompany Bobby’s sad dances.

After a few shows put on for the local ghouls down at the rotary club, it was clear Bobby had talent, and Tom started making plans for a BIG SHOW. A group was to be assembled. He got together a few of his college buds that he knew played music. He put Martin Zimmermann (Chunk) on the cans, Paolo Menuez (Pillow) on thweedles, Julian Labat (Crumbles) on low-end, Roby Moulton (Moldy) on wisps and got Molly Sarle (of Mountain Man) to contribute vocally, at the request of Bobby himself. The resulting sound was a swollen lump of blooming, techni-color spores cast adrift on a warm bed of foam.

Unfortunately, it was all a bit too much for Bobby. On the night of the BIG SHOW, he once again got worked up and became sick all over Chunk. Bobby fled the stage as a mist. Despite Bobby’s sudden and unexpected departure, the band soldiered on with the performance. The crowd was hurt and angry at first (why had their beloved, lethargic, dancing wunderkind abandoned them?), but the heaving waves of sonorous tones soon spilled into their restless hearts. The recordings from the show caught the ear of Tim Putnam, who quickly signed the group to his label, Partisan Records.

Hot off the success of the BIG SHOW, the group decided to shack up together. They found a suitable home in western Massachusetts in the town of Montague; a ‘ranch’ style house nestled between a giant gravel pit and a wilderness preserve complete with a filled-in pool and busted sauna. In the crucible of isolation, and in preparation for their recording debut, the blooming lump of spores that they had cultivated for the BIG SHOW blossomed even further. The music was going well, but a name for the group still eluded them. For many months they struggled with this, but in the end decided to name it after their missing front man, Bobby, still assumed to be lurking as a dark mist within the music.

BOBBY will be opening for The Low Anthem. Doors are at 9:30 show begins 10.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Show Preview - Ari Hest - 3/2/11 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Ari Hest will be performing at Club Cafe next Wednesday 3/2. He is releasing his new album Sunset Over Hope Street on March 1st on Downtown Records.

From his press release:

The release of Sunset Over Hope Street on March 1, 2011, on Downtown/Mercer Street Records, marks Ari Hest's first full-length album of new material in four years. Sunset Over Hope Street follows Hest’s highly successful 2009 Twelve Mondays, an album one could say was “A&R’d” by his fans. In 2008, Hest utilized all the current technology to launch the 52 project, an ambitious web-based subscription service that found the prolific singer-songwriter writing, recording and releasing a new song every Monday for an entire year. Performing Songwriter called these songs “high-caliber and heartfelt.” At the end of the year, his fans voted for their top twelve choices resulting in Twelve Mondays, which The Washington Post praised as “skillful, pretty and straightforward.” “How Would I Know,” the first single from the album will impact at radio on January 31st and will be available for sale digitally on February 15th.

Sunset Over Hope Street, is a slight departure from Hest’s previous work. Ari expressed his self-challenging nature by taking his guitar parts and seeing if another lead instrument, like a piano, could take the guitar's place. The album is also awash with a variety of string arrangements and unique percussion parts. Also, unlike previous albums, Sunset Over Hope Street was created over a protracted period of time - more than a year. Because of this, Ari was really able to take time, listen back and edit – a luxury that on previous albums had not been afforded him. There were vocals, drums, guitar parts, and even full songs that wound up being scrapped and others added as the album evolved. His patience paid off and the result, despite this different approach, is unmistakably Ari Hest.

Ali Klaren will be opening. Doors at 6p with show beginning at 7p.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Show Review - Hellogoodbye w/ Now, Now - 1/12/11 - Concert Review - Pittsburgh

Where else can you find music connoisseurs, first-time show attendees, and talented musicians under the same roof other than at a Hellogoodbye show. This past Saturday the 12th at Mr. Small's was no exception. In addition to Hellogoodbye, Now, Now, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, and Gold Motel made this show the best yet this year.

Now, Now knocked me off my feet. Signed to one of my favorite labels, No Sleep Records (La Dispute, Koji, Tigers Jaw), I was surprised I had never listened to the trio before. Casie and Jess both had guitars and sweet voices that bounced back and forth with harmonies and melodies, while Brad delivered spot on drums.They said they were from Minnesota, but I can hardly believe that as they had such a diverse sound. With almost whispered lyrics, beautiful harmonies, and dance beats they sounded like Cocorosie + Eisley + Donora, three bands that I adore. With such a newbie-dominated crowd, there was little noise, or movement sadly, during their set. It was refreshing, however frustrating to look around and feel like a dork for dancing at a concert. They have a full length, "Cars" and an EP, "Neighbors" that I have acquired since the concert and can testify both releases are fantastic.The members were so sweet, and made jokes amongst themselves and with the polite audience. Just as with almost any other show I've been to, this opening seemed like a perfect way to start the night.

The easiest way to set yourself up for failure as a band playing a show, is to take more time setting up than the headliner will. You, Me, And Everyone We Know has a ridiculous amount of members, but they just were not there when it came to set up, which made the process so much longer. Had there been people in the crowd who had attended more than two shows in their entire lifetime, there probably would have been an uproar. I seemed to be the only person who took notice, however. There was an abundance of instruments and microphones on the stage, which made me nervous, I wondered how the band would fit all that sound together into something ears could appreciate. I was looking forward to their set, especially to hear songs from my favorite of their releases, "Party For The Grown and Sexy," which set me up for disappointment. When they finally began I immediately wished they would all turn down their instruments just a touch, so I could hear Ben's vocals, one of the strongest attributes of the band in my opinion. By the second song, I had gotten used to the excessive sound and was kind of enjoying myself; the band certainly was, they all were so animated and bounced around the stage. It looked like a party, and felt like one, too. But like most parties, it got old. I kept holding on to hear just one song from "Party For The Grown and Sexy" but it never came. I was relieved when the band left the stage.

Mister Rodger's had a prime-time disco variety show, the soundtrack would sound like Gold Motel. The band seems to visit a time machine regularly and gets inspiration from the best music of each time era. Greta Morgan, of The Hush Sound, fronts this fantastic band from Chicago. They mean serious business when it comes to musicality. Everything was spot on, from the guitar riffs, to keyboard, to drums, to bass. I was mesmerized and could not stop from dancing. The band has only been together since 2009, and only have ten songs released, but have quite the fan base. Gold Motel's set distracted me from the excitement of Hellogoodbye, but after they had left the stage I could hardly wait.

Unlike almost any other show I have been to, there was no crowd-condensing before Hellogoodbye took the stage. None of the sheep pushed their way to the barrier, instead they patiently waited until the boys took the stage before they cheered. By far, the band's newest album "Would It Kill You?" is my favorite of all their releases, therefore I was ecstatic when the first couple of songs were from that release. In fact, there were very few old songs performed: "Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn," "Dear Jamie," and "Here (In Your Arms)." The boys in Hellogoodbye, despite their...bubble gum appearance, are actually very quick-witted and, for lack of a better term, snarky. The members asked a few people in the crowd their names and the band came up with ridiculous ways to remember them. The set flew by too quickly, as all great sets do. I left Mr. Small's with a rekindled love for shows with fantastic line-ups, just in time for spring tours. Special thanks to my dear friend John Ohi for take wonderful pictures on Saturday.

-Laura Lee Burkhardt

-Credit to John F Tohi for photos. Find more here

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reminder - Aloud - 2/20/11 - Garfield Artworks - Show Preview

Just a reminder that Aloud will be playing at Garfield Artworks this Sunday, 2/20. Here is a new video for their track "Exile In the Night".

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show Review - Innerpartysystem - The Club at Stage AE - 2/11/11 - Concert Review - Pittsburgh

This would be my first time to the two month old Stage AE or so I thought. I had seen the pictures from the Girl Talk and Wiz Khalifia shows thinking to myself how in the heck is a band like Innerpartysystem going to fill that place. On arrival I soon realized why. Turns out this this show was really at The Club at Stage AE where they have a divider between the main floor/bar area of Stage AE and the stage is located in the corner between the bandstand and stairs leading to the balcony.

Once I figured this out my next task was to then decipher who the DJ was on that very stage. This turned out to be Pittsburgh's own DJ 7up who mixed everything from Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" to Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" eagerly pulling for the crowd to sing the song's chorus. I sat in the back with the other minority 21 plus crowd unknowingly aware that DJ 7up would play for two hours!

Not soon enough after the DJ marathon Innerpartysystem descended from backstage. This was the three piece's first out of four show headlining stint before supporting Pendulum before the release of their new Never Be Content EP on Red Bull Records. Their current single “American Trash” is streaming here:

As the three trudged through their newer songs with the help of a decent light screen show the band Orgy would have appreciated to their older songs including, "Don't Stop", I waited, waited, waited for something to pull me in. You know, that one song that screams give me more! It never happened.

The one word I think about Innerpartsystem's set. Generic. I've seen hundred of bands over the past 15 years and none of them fit this mold more than Innerpartysystem. The reasoning for this might be that the age demographic, proven by the 100 under 21 American Eagle employees in the crowd, is one that I'm not part of. If I was 18 and it was the year 2000 this is something that might have been wound up on my WinAmp playlist. Unfortunately it's 2011 and the Metropol closed a long, long time ago.

--Johnathon Puff

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ticket Giveaway - Miggs w/Plain White Tees - 2/24/11 - Mr Smalls - Show Preview

Miggs will be performing at Mr Smalls next week on Thursday, 2/24. They will be one of the openers for Plain White Tees. MIGGS is a “melodic pop/rock with a bit of an alt-rock edge” band and vessel for lead singer/songwriter Don Miggs along with bandmates Michael Lombardo and Walker Adams. Miggs was kind enough a pair of tickets to the shows. To enter, just email us at with your name. All names must be submitted by 2/23.

From their bio:

MIGGS isn’t the new kid on the block. They’ve been “one of the best bands you’ve never heard of” ( for a while now, with more almost-famous stories than thought possible and they’re not showing any signs of letting go or letting up in 2011.

For Don Miggs (lead guitar), Michael Lombardo (bass guitar) and Walker Adams (drums), after years of grinding it out – multiple albums, touring over 150 dates a year it was time to push the band to the next level. MIGGS turned to multi-platinum producer/engineer Ken Lewis (Fall Out Boy, Kanye West) to translate MIGGS’ years of on-stage chemistry into a gripping studio album.

The result was mid-2010’s “Wide Awake” (Rock Ridge), easily MIGGS’ most accomplished, fresh-sounding and accessible collection of songs to date. In support of the album, the rock trio toured successfully with Maroon 5, Ed Kowalczyk from LIVE, Plain White T’s, Thriving Ivory, Green River Ordinance and Parachute. The debut single, “Girls & Boys” is about coming of age and learning to appreciate what makes you unique. The song was a hit for MIGGS and peaked at #42 on Billboard’s Adult Album Alternative chart and #89 on the Billboard’s Hot AC chart. One of the highlights of year was the making of the video for “Girls & Boys,” and the chance to work with up-and-coming music video director, Justin Purser. To date, the video has nearly 150,000 views on YouTube.

The show is scheduled to begin at 7:30p.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CD Release Show - Robin Vote - The Shop - Bloomfield - 2/19/11 - Pittsburgh - Show Preview

We recently featured Robin Vote in our monthly spotlight. If you enjoyed what you heard/read, they will be performing this Saturday, 2/19 at The Shop in Bloomfield (4314 Main St.). They are releasing their new cd Invest In Loss.

There will also be a performance on accordion by Rick Kolling and a short video piece by Julie Sokolow. I have never been to The Shop so I am not sure what to expect (if anyone has any info it would be appreciated in the comments). The show begins at 8p. See you there.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Show Preview - Aloud - Garfield Artworks - 2/20/11 - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Aloud will be performing at Garfield Artworks this Sunday, 2/20. Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain makeup the group, having performed together since their early teens. Hailing from Boston the band plays catchy rock songs utilizing two vocalists. They are touring behind their new lp Exile. Jen was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the new album, their sound and touring.

You just completed your third album Exile. From what I have heard it’s a very atmospheric album. How is this a departure from your previous albums? Was there a certain sound you were attempting to achieve?

Jen: Our previous record, Fan the Fury, was a more guitar driven punk-rock record written in the midst of an election year. That record was very brash and big. This one's a little more subdued, though I wouldn't count the sound being any less big--just different. It's a more introspective record though not necessarily into our own heads, but whatever characters we created. It was more of a narrative than the last record and we wanted to create the places in the songs, so that you'd step into the room where the story was happening.

The album lyrics are very dark speaking of heartbreaks, loneliness, etc. Was there an overall storyline behind the lp? Was this a difficult time when writing the material?

Jen: I wouldn't say there was an overall story, but we did want an overall mood. The initial songs had this mood, this loneliness and we went with it since we it was interesting and we hadn't done it before. The Exile thing comes from our parents who are Cuban exiles and this book by another Cuban exile called Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas. We took that idea of Exile to explore some of those lonely type themes. We happened to be going through losing our rhythm section of 6 years at the time as well and though it was what needed to happen it was a little isolating.

You have been creating music over three lp’s. Do you work on other projects? Have you toured nationally before?

Jen: Occasionally Henry and I might write a song with someone, but that's very once in a blue moon sort of thing. Aloud is our band where we can write the songs we want and play the music we like. We have toured nationally before. Since Fan the Fury we've done two week tours through the South and Midwest and for Exile we did our first national tour to the West coast and back. This will be our second.

Could you talk about the lyrics from “Counterfeit Star”? I don’t know how I was convinced/to overlook your Judas kiss. And though it looks like you’re healing/I know you are just really feeling/up a crowd to hustle for your next trick.

Jen: It seems a bit self-explanatory to me. That song is just about those people you know who put on a good show, but you see right through them. It could be anyone.

How do you go about creating your music? Do you all contribute to the lyrics and music?

Jen: Henry and I have been writing songs since our teens. We collaborate on both the music and the lyrics. He might come with something that's not done and vice versa and we'll help the other finish out the song or sometimes we'll do it from scratch at a writing session. We had regular weekly writing sessions for Exile and that helped. It's sort of different each time though and that helps keep us interested. Who wants to be bored?

What would you like to accomplish as a band? What are the goals?

Jen: Mainly we'd like to continue making records and hoping they're better than the previous as well as playing as many tours as possible. Recording and touring means we're working and we like to be busy. We really like mixing our music with our kinds of media though, so doing something for or with film like videos or soundtracks sounds great. We've contributed music to some local plays as well and I think that came off great. We love working with other people and have been lucky to work with some very talented folks.

Could you speak to the lyrics for “Old Soldier”? buried in the dust and debris/of a peace that I’ll never get to see. Put your hand inside of mine…..I’m still waiting to bow out?

Jen: Well, quite simply this is a song about someone who's been fighting for something important their whole lives and maybe it's time they did something for themselves and let someone else bear the burden. It's someone unloading to another friend and that friend is saying maybe it's time to ease off and enjoy things for a while and let someone else keep fighting.

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album?

Jen: I think it's safe to say that a very common reason led Henry and I to music. The Beatles. It started there and every couple of years we rediscover that band or a different period of that band. They were what they were, but mainly they made great music and they made us want to do the same.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Jen: We're looking forward to coming back to a city with it's own thriving music scene and we'd love to see you at the show at Garfield Artworks on February 20th. Cheers!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cold Weather Premiere - Melwood Screening Room - Keegan DeWitt Film Score

Cold Weather will be premiering at the Melwood Screening Room in Pittsburgh Friday 2/18. The breakout hit of 2010's SxSW film festival was this feature from Aaron Katz, a recent Pittsburgh resident. In this riff on a classic detective story, Doug -- a college dropout and huge Sherlock Holmes fan -- moves to Portland to live with his sister. When his ex-girlfriend suddenly goes missing, Doug turns amateur sleuth and takes up the case himself. Slyly funny and unexpectedly tense, this charming mystery confirms Katz as one of American cinema's hottest young indie filmmakers.

Keegan DeWitt created the score of the film which is now available for free download here. From the press release:

Singer/songwriter/composer Keegan DeWitt's film score for recent theatrical release Cold Weather is now available as a free download via his website. After recently premiering on Cinema Blend, DeWitt's two-disc Cold Weather score - one disc of the official score and another of demos.

Recently chosen as a 'Critic's Pick' by The New York Times and praised by The Los Angeles Times ("DeWitt's richly textured original score"), the DeWitt-scored Cold Weather saw its New York premiere last weekend and will premiere in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5 tonight (February 11th). The film will continue to make its debut in multiple cities across the country over the next month (a full schedule is below), including on March 4th in the Portland, OR-raised DeWitt's current hometown of Nashville, where he will perform "End Credits" live. Cold Weather is also now available nationwide via On Demand.

Filmmaker Aaron Katz and producer Brendan McFadden will be on hand Friday evening to present and answer questions about.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Show Preview - Hellogoodbye - Mr Smalls - 2/12/11 - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

You know them as the two-or-three-hit-wonders of the past couple of years, or the sappy power pop band from California, but Hellogoodbye is so much more than that. Along with Gold Motel, You Me and Everyone We Know, Now, Now, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Hellogoodbye will be performing at Mr. Small's this Saturday the 12th.

Would It Kill You by Hellogoodbye

Although they are most known for their songs, "Oh It Is Love," "Here (In Your Arms)," and "All Of Your Love" that could be found on most of the track listings of MTV shows, Hellogoodbye has matured and taken on a new sound this past year with the album "Would It Kill You?" which would have made my top four list of albums from 2010. Imagine The Beatles circa "Hard Days Night" meets Lightspeed Champion and hypnotizing choruses that you will not stop singing anytime soon. The band has traded in their synthesizers and auto-tune for mandolins and acoustic guitars. While the themes have stuck to love, love, and love, there is something different about this album. Since their earlier releases, Hellogoodbye split ways with their original record company, Drive-Thru Records, and started their own label, Wasted Summer Records. This freedom has been great for the band to do what they want to do, and not what is sure to sell. It also could be that the founder and core songwriter of the group, Forrest Kline, has settled down and married, a fact you can deduce from simply listening to the lyrics of the new album.

You Sleep Alone by Hellogoodbye

Hellogoodbye puts on a memorable show, and with these opening bands on the bill, this is a show you do not want to miss.

The Wild Honey Pie by Hellogoodbye

-Laura Lee Burkhardt

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Show Preview - Interview - Now, Now - Mr Smalls - 2/12/11 - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview


Now, Now will be performing at Mr Smalls next Saturday, 2/12/11. They will be performing with several other bands including Hellogoodbye and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Now, Now is a 3 piece hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Formerly known as Now, Now Every Children the band has created one lp Cars and most recently their new ep Neighbors.  Below is an interview we conducted with the band plus a few songs from their albums.

You just recently came out with a new ep a couple of years from your first proper lp Cars. Why such the long layoff? How would you say that this ep differs?

After we toured with Cars, we needed to work through some things and figure out who we wanted to continue working with. It took a little longer than we would have liked, but it's all worked out so far. The new EP has a new writing member on it, and we had more time to work on it than we had with Cars. We recorded it in Brad's basement, so the recording environment left room for different results.

Everyone You Know by Now, Now

You have shortened your name to Now, Now from Now, Now Every Children. I read you did this to get rid of “childish images” some might have. What else have you changed in that time?

We now have a new writing member, and our lineup has gone from 5 to 3. We're working with some new people, as well, and a new label. It's safe to say quite a bit has changed in the past year.

Your new ep Neighbors was released only digitally (with a few physical copies). Why only the digital release? Was it successful?

 It actually was first released digitally for 24 hours only, and limited hand-made copies were made, because the night before the release No Sleep Records contacted us about releasing it with them. It's been successful because when we made the EP, we only had the intention of releasing it ourselves on a small scale, but when it got picked up by the label more people were able to be involved. We got to do a preorder and add some acoustic versions as well.

I was just watching your video for Friends with My Sister and thinking about the childish comment. The video appears to have a really deep, disturbing feel. Could you explain what it’s about?

 It's probably best to leave that one up for interpretation =]

Neighbors by Now, Now

With two females making up the band do you ever get a bit of grief from industry types (mgrs, venues, etc) about your knowledge about how things work? Ever feel they treat you on a different level?

Oh, for sure. Usually when we enter a venue people don't even believe we're in a band. We probably look like little fan girls so they always have to check our passes. We also have very bashful personalities and are very short. These things combined set us up for a lot of people questioning us.

How do you go about creating your music? Do you all contribute to the lyrics and music?

The three of us have very different writing styles. Usually one of us will come up with a general skeleton of a song, and then each of us goes through it and adds our own style and ideas. On the upcoming record, the three of us have each written lyrics and music.

What would you like to accomplish as a band? What are the goals?

Right now we're really eager to tour and let people know we still exist. We're really excited about the direction we're moving in, and can't wait to get the next record out this year. As a more general goal, we would really like to be able to afford a house to live in one day.

Jesus Camp by Now, Now

What made you want to dedicate your life to music? Was there a show or album?

The records that made us want to do something with music: Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World (Cacie), Photo Album by Death Cab for Cutie (Brad), Wholesale Meats and Fish by Letters to Cleo (Jess).

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

 It's been awhile, can't wait to play it again!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Cave Cancels Again. Pinback Performing at Smalls....And Go Steelers!

Just received the weekly email from Opus One and it appears Cold Cave has canceled yet again. We hyped these guys up last year around this time, even offering a ticket giveaway. Maybe they are not meant to play in Pgh.

On another note Pinback will be playing at Smalls on April 26. Back in the day (probably 10 years? how time flies) I was infatuated with their albums. I saw them play in Gainesville and they put on a pretty decent show considering their downtrotted sound. Looking forward to this one.

And continuing the Super Bowl fever....Go Steelers! (this is like nails on a chalk board but one listen won't kill).