Monday, January 10, 2011

Tapes N Tapes - Outside

I was just cruising pitchfork and saw their review of Tapes N Tapes new lp Outside. Of course they were not impressed scoring it a 5.5 on their scale of 10. I remember seeing these guys at the Quiet Storm back when they had performances. After that the band blew up playing festivals and headlining big shows. All of this due to pitchfork's review and 'best new music' label. They were signed to major label XL and then immediately dropped after slow sales.

Fast forward 5 years and these guys are playing in obscurity at half empty dives and self producing/releasing their own album. Of course this was after pitchfork burned their last lp Walk It Off. It just amazes me how one blog could determine the fate of a small up and coming act like TnT. I bet this wil be their swan song.


  1. Totally agree. I haven't given this album a full listen, but it's streaming a few places online. The first single they released for it is...not so good. That aside, Pitchfork is annoying. They're digging themselves into irrelevancy. Sometimes they try to shock us with their ratings (see the ridiculous 2.1 for Mumford & Sons), or the just give us tiresome writing-seminar essays posing as record reviews. More and more blogs are out there now with better and more consistent taste in music though. Pitchfork is no longer the go-to site it once was.

  2. What other blogs/sits do you read?