Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Review - Javelin w/ Girl Talk - Stage AE - 12/3/10 - Concert Review - Live Review

Stage AE had its grand opening this past Friday with local mash up artist Girl Talk taking to the stage with Javelin (out of Brooklyn) opening. My first reaction to Stage AE was that it was a bit impersonal, reminding me of an abandoned three-tiered theater. It was extremely dark and a bit gloomy on the inside, not that a venue needs to be bright and cheery, but I felt I was in a refurbished factory. The floors were all industrial strength concrete with 2 large bars on different levels. On the bright side, the sound was incredible and what you would expect at a state of the art facility. There was no issue with maneuvering through the crowd even with the sellout.

Javelin was the second act up of the evening as we missed the first. The duo of Thomas Van Buskirk and George Langford play their live setting with a full drum kit and a table filled with electronics. They play in front of a wall of colorful boom boxes with wires sprawling everywhere. Buskirk raps over the samples that are produced with vocals often poking fun of pop culture. Langford backs him up playing the drums and keep a steady beat with the sampling. The crowd was reacting to the duo as they would later on with Girl Talk, dancing away to party-esque music. Buskirk was full of energy, jumping around and enjoying the audience's intensity. It turned into more of a dance club and was a perfect warm up to Girl Talk. The duo ended their set by knocking down the boom boxes which created a wave of excitement and heavy steps from the crowd. 

Girl Talk came out with a huge video screen behind him showing images and live video throughout the performance. There was a small delay before people poured from the sides of the stage creating the customary atmosphere. These must have been pre-arranged participants because several times I saw attendees trying to climb the fence to get onstage before being rebuffed by security. The new feature to GT show was a mini cam on his platform directed towards the screaming crowd and showing up on the big screen. I don't believe there was an individual in the theater that wasn't moving to the sample heavy show. Towards the end, GG said he was going to end on that note, but then proceeded to play another few tunes that he prepared for the next night's show because he was loving the audience.

Only real downside to the evening for me was the bar operations for AE. It was so crowded, and understaffed to get a drink that you literally almost had to push and fight your way to the bar. It would have helped if they had it roped off to create lines around that area, but instead you caught elbows and nasty glances from patrons just trying to grab a drink. One cute girl next to me continued to smile and look at me as her bf pushed her in my space. Unreal. I felt bad for her.

It will be interesting to see if the new venue will destroy the competition among local promoters. Opus One appears to have a tie in with PromoWest Productions, but other entities such as Joker, Drusky, etc. may have to take a hit as more money will be thrown the artists way from GW. The competition in the city was already tough enough, but now, it's going to be even more difficult to turn a buck. I could be wrong of course.

**My dumbass for got the camera battery, so special thanks to Hugh for the pics.


  1. Anything is better than Club Zoo for midrange acts.

  2. i missed the opening acts so i'm glad to see these! here's my photos from the girl talk show if you wanna see:

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