Saturday, December 4, 2010

Show Review - Delta Spirit - Brillobox - 11/30/10 - Pittsburgh

Serious rock music. Delta Spirit played to a packed house (sold out, in fact) on Tuesday night at Brillobox. The band is touring their excellent summer release History from Below, along with a new EP, The Waits Room (see our interview with singer Matt Vasquez below for details). It was impressive to see how many fans Delta Spirit has in the Pittsburgh area; earned not just on the strength of their two full-length albums, but also through constant touring and building a reputation as must-see live act. They played their hearts out tonight, and the crowd loved it.

I first listened to Delta Spirit’s new album this summer. Oddly enough, I put it on during a run through the Allegheny Cemetery. Their music made the perfect companion to the ornate gravestones, passing trees, and cemetery soil. Delta Spirit’s sound comes from the roots. Somehow the association of the setting and the music has stuck with me, in a good way, and I was excited to see them live. Rock, soulful singing, and driving rhythms dominated the night. “Bushwick Blues” was every bit as good live. “Ransom Man,” “White Table” and others all demonstrated a band which has complete control over their craft and the audience. Delta Spirit, after all, pride themselves on a hard work ethic and commitment to a high energy show.

Playing against a giant banner backdrop of the History from Below album cover, it was great to see a band with such a ‘big’ sound in an intimate space like Brillobox. I was not the number one fan tonight, though—looking around the crowd I saw many who knew the words to each and every song and clearly have followed this band for years. After interviewing Matt earlier this month and coming away from the conversation with a great deal of respect for their musical ethic, the live show solidified for me Delta Spirit’s appeal with the people. Good luck on the rest of your tour, from Pittsburgh.

--Daniel Hammer