Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Preview - Linfinity - Brillobox - 12/9/10 - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

Linfinity will be making another stop in Pittsburgh on Thursday, 12/9 at the Brillobox. The group was here this past May opening for Murder by Death at Mr Smalls. We conducted an interview the last time with lead man Dylan Von Wagner which you can find here. Dylan was developing this project over several years, him as the sole creator. He didn't begin performing until his late 20's and began recording soon after that. Most of his songs are fleshed out by his backing band which does a wonderful of job performing them live as well. These videos were taken from their performance here at Mr Smalls.

From our interview:

You didn’t start getting serious about music until your late 20’s. What was your career before this? What made you want to try this at such a late point in your life? Anything trigger it?

I had a desire for music since high school, but in my area in upstate ny, no one I knew played anything, then I went to Universtity of Vermont and music was more prominent. During school and after I graduated I went to london and soaked up a lot of music, but still didn't pick up an instrument. It wasn't till I moved back to ny when I was 23 24 where I decided i best give this a go. After that just years of learning and trying to write etc...

Your father passed away while recording your first ep. Did this experience influence that recording and lyrics?

It was horrible, norm's song, southern belles, martian's bloom kind of came out of that, he was the guy who ran 5 miles a day, thought he was going the long haul and it's even more bittersweet for he's not around for our record and shows. he saw us once at mercury lounge in nyc a month before he passed.

Southern Belles by pghmusicreport

The band, with Dylan, create a nice wall of sound for the audience. Some of the songs off the debut lp Martians Bloom can be a bit genre bending, but still stay within the same framework of the album. In a live setting they are fleshed and performed with precision. Really good band in concert. Check them out if you like the tunes.