Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trip Back to School - Vinyl Fever

I am headed back to my alma mater to catch a game this weekend. Back in the day the best music store in the world was Vinyl Fever. It had a huge used selection, special items and vinyl that was matched by no other store I had been to at the time.

I was looking forward to going this time as well, but I just found out that the store closed. Turns out they had to shut down due to the piracy, singles, etc. that many independent stores are competing with in today's market. Truly sad. I remember getting Sufjan's album for $1, Pavement vinyl for $3 and an Arcade Fire single for $2.

It's disappointing to see these stores you grew up with no longer existing. But I guess this is the nature of the business. The internet has changed everything for good or bad.