Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Show Review - Tim Kasher - Thunderbird Cafe - 11/22/10 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review

This past Monday Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life) graced the stage at the Thunderbird Cafe. If you are a Kasher fan and didn't go simply because you don't know his solo work, you made a mistake. Kasher brought the goods this evening entertaining the crowd with both his wit and musicianship. He is touring behind his new solo album The Game of Monogamy with a full band to flesh out the sound.

I was wondering how this album would translate in a live setting with it's dark, often depressing content. Thankfully the band was up to the challenge backing TK with a great deal of energy and sound. Of course TK was the main attraction soaking the audience in with his charismatic delivery. He was in good spirits the entire night sharing stories, taking a request and chatting with the crowd. While the main focus was on songs from The Game of Monogamy, the band also performed Good Life tunes including "You're No Fool" and "After O’Rourke’s, 2:10 A.M". They also branched out and added a cover of David Bowie's "Soul Love".

At one point Kasher stopped the show and stated he was going to buy the entire crowd a shot. He only had two requests, it had to be Jameson and you had to wait until the band did it. I thought it might be a joke but sure enough TK whipped out a credit card and handed it to a patron in the front row. Soon enough everyone had a shot of Jameson and knocked one back with the band. Towards the end TK began taking requests. He asked the audience what they wanted to hear...someone from the second floor suggested "Album of the Year" and with that he launched into a solo rendition.

Sometimes you go to shows and hear good music and say afterwards, "they were good" with nothing else. This performance I said that as well, but also "I had a lot of fun". More videos here:


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