Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Show Preview - Tim Kasher - Thunderbird Cafe - 11/22/10 - Pittsburgh

Tim Kasher (lead man of Cursive, The Good Life) will be performing at the Thunderbird Cafe Monday, 11/22. Kasher just released his first solo album in his name this past October titled The Game of Monogamy. If you are a reader of the blog you know we are huge fans of TK. Just this past year we did a sit down interview with TK  which you can find here. He is one of the pioneering musicians of the 'Omaha scene' which includes Conor Oberst. He doesn't get as much attention as the latter, but he truly should.

Cold Love by Tim Kasher

The Game of Monogamy is a bit of a departure for what Cursive fans might expect. The teen angst is replaced by a more mature sound bordering on orchestral pop. TK wrote, produced and recorded the entire album that was released by his normal label, Saddle Creek. You can hear the multiple arrangements including strings, horns and wood instruments. The lyrical content is definitely depressing, speaking of a relationship that has gone stale: We both stopped servicing/Oh we're definitely missionary/Our official position. On the titled track 'Monogamy' So we're stuck in a few ruts/my independence is all but shriveled up/I guess that's the price we pay for monogamy We both have regrets; Those roads we never drove/But it's pointless to dwell in the what if's/I mean what if we had never met.

A Grown Man by Tim Kasher

From his press release: The album’s classical opening and its closing begin with an uneasy refrain of plucked notes on a harp, setting the tone for The Game Of Monogamy.  The theatrical arrangements and lush instrumentation of the album’s moody orchestral pop evoke a 1950s, pre-sexual revolution atmosphere, and set the stage for a dilemma that remains thoroughly modern.  The protagonist’s arc in The Game of Monogamy spans the wide range of distinctly human emotions tangled up around relationships in a starched shirt society.  Call it the score for our collective sexual plight: expression routinely becomes repression in the name of romance.  Kasher’s vision is as keen as ever, unapologetically honest, unflinching, and self-reflective.

There Must Be Something I've Lost by Tim Kasher

In concert Tim Kasher brings the goods and intensity that the audience pays for. Cursive played here back last May and put on one of our top 10 shows of the year. I am sure he will not disappoint in the smaller venue.


  1. Tim Kasher's the man! This will definitely be a good show.

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