Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show Preview - Gay Blades - Garfield Artworks - 11/29/10 - Pittsburgh

The Gay Blades will be appearing at Garfield Artworks this Monday, 11/29. They have an interesting marketing campaign, they are creating a song for each town they visit on this tour. From the band:

As a thanks to the towns who are having us on this tour, we are writing each city a our own personal anthem. I thought I would share this tune with the PGH music community. Pittsburgh is a town I've always felt comfortable touring through. Growing up pretty poor gives you a quality that you can't shake off, and sometimes you can feel totally out of place. Pittsburgh never made me feel anything but ready to drink and play a great show.

"I'll Leave My Heart Here In Pittsburgh"

From their press:

Over the past three years, The Gay Blades have built an international following on their side-stepping demeanor, their unpredictable live shows and, of course, their unhinged manic sound. But while their fan base is still marveling at how the larger-than-life duo can fill aural spaces so completely as a two-piece, the band is ready to unveil their sophomore album, Savages, which promises to astonish both their current devotees and future fans alike.

The Gay Blades into an eclectic mix of songs, which cannot be defined by any one genre, but does pay homage to artists such as the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Adam Ant, Spoon, Wilco and Weezer. “Rock N' Roll (Part I),” the album’s emblematic opener, kicks off with scathing guitars and commanding drums, writhing in true Gay Blades fashion. The horn arrangements make their most prominent appearance on “Try To Understand,” a song about “the patience we need to love those who test our love the most,” Wells explains, adding, “it’s a monster of a song, and it might be my favorite on the record.”

O Shot - The Gay Blades

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