Sunday, October 31, 2010

Show Preview - Gogol Bordello - 11/4/10 - Mr Smalls - Pittsburgh

In August I caught Gogol Bordello's set at Lollapalooza in Chicago. I had heard of them, but never really bothered to seek them out. What a serious mistake. They put on one of the best show's I have seen in quite sometime. They play a manic variety of gypsy punk rock that keeps the audience in constant motion (not too mention themselves). They bring a mesmerizing combination of spectacle and musical mayhem, with a variety of musicians onstage. The traditional folk sounds and rhythms are accompanied by punk rifts, drums, acoustic guitar and scruffy vocals.

The band just recently released their latest album (and first on a major label) entitled Trans-Continental Hustle. GB are no gimmick, they bring the goods. Even though they are older and supposedly a bit slower, they show no signs of age. Lead Eugene Hutz has a relentless hunger to bring a party atmosphere onstage and a vision of how a band should entertain. The band just isn't for the young, they bring a number of of old punks, metal-heads and your normal indie attender where age and musical genre do not reflect the norm. This is definitely a must attend, if not for the music, then for the atmosphere.

Gogol Bordello will be playing at Mr. Smalls this Thursday, 11/4 at 8p.


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