Saturday, October 23, 2010

Show Preview - Dark Dark Dark - 10/26/10 - Helter Shelter

Back in April Dark Dark Dark played at the Morning Glory Coffee House. They were touring behind their new ep Bright Bright Bright which was a nice, brooding album that was in my player for quite some time. I mentioned in the review that when they came back through I hoped they would play in a more proper venue I just received an email that they will be here on 10/26 playing somewhere called Helter Shelter. I have never heard of the venue but hopefully it's bigger than Moglo.

DDD is now touring behind their latest lp Wild Go. Below is a video of "Wild Go". Also checkout the video from the last time they were here. They put on a good show. If anyone has information on Helter Shelter pass it along.

City of Music: Dark Dark Dark from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.


  1. Hey, here's the address for Helter Shelter:
    4936 Harrison St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201

    It's in Lawrenceville. If you look on Google maps, it's an old blue "mansion" of sorts.

    I'd absolutely love to go (the Morning Glory show was really great), but honestly the place looks so sketchy that I'm a bit wary of going.

  2. I went to Helter Shelter earlier this year for a show:

    It does seem sketchy and I had a hard time finding it but in the end it was really fun. Just a house full of musicians and fans drinking beer. Good times.

  3. Just in case you were told 7 pm -- according to DDD's facebook post today, it might be 9 pm instead? Not sure.

    Also, just found out one of my friends lives around there which makes it considerably less sketchy :P - psychologically at least. Yay.

  4. did anyone attend? how did this go?

  5. It was really good. They had some film projection going on behind them although they didn't really need that with their quality of music. More floor-sitting like the MoGlo show. They played nearly every song on the new album, with Bright Bright Bright & Wild Goose Chase thrown in, as well as a special unrehearsed performance of Trouble No More at the end.

    The cello & trumpet were absent, but impressively they filled in the sound really well with just 3 of them.

    Everyone was crammed together again, so in some aspects, playing a real venue like you mentioned would help, and maybe pull in a more diverse crowd. But we'd probably lose the complete audience silence which is nice and unusual.

    Opening band Tik Tok had some good stuff too.

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