Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview - Pomegranates - Show Preview - 10/20/10 - Garfield Artworks

Pomegranates will be playing tomorrow night at Garfield Artworks. Below is an interview they were kind enough to give us. See our previous show review here.

What is your goal with the band? How would you deem yourself successful?

To write music that resonates with people. If we can do that I would say we are successful on some level. It would be nice to be able to quit or day jobs.

Is there any theme behind your new album One of Us? Or are these songs that shouldn’t be grouped together?

Its a more personal album than the ones in the past. More earnest. They make sense together as a collection since they were written around the same period of time.

How did the new album differ from your first albums Everything is Alive and Everybody Come Outside? Was the recording, song development different as well?

Yeah, we had more time to record, and werent trying to come up with a specific set of songs. We just wrote what felt natural, and are much happier with the results.

Is this your first major tour where you were the headliner? How has it been going? Anything different from being a supporting act?

We have done some headlining tours, but this is the longest we have done. Its been fair. We have had some weird shows and started the tour out with a theft of a bunch of our gear which we are obviously still dealing with a couple weeks later.

How does creating your songs work? Is there one major writer and others bring in their take once they hear it? Or?

Most of the album is very collaborative. Someone will have a little idea and we build on it.

Is there an album or show that made you want to dedicate your life to music?

I dont think so. Not that I am aware of anyway.

How many people share vocal duties on the new album? And has this always been that way?

3 of the 4 of us sing on the new album. Yeah, we have always shared vocals.

So being from Cincinnati how is the music scene there compared to other small markets? I know Bad Veins and The National are from the area. Is it supportive?

Yes, Cincinnati is a fantastic place for music. One of the best we have encountered to be honest. We love it there.

Are you all able to do this full time or do you still have to work part time jobs?

Still working jobs.

Have you seen any differences in the past couple of years with the economy being so stagnant? How has it effected you?

Its hard to say... I would say we seem to sell less albums, but that could just be an excuse for people not liking our band as much as we would hope. Haha

Along the Cincinnati theme, what is up with the Bengals? They bring in TO and the offense is still putrid. You see this improving at all from a playoff team last year? Or will they be lucky to get to .500?

I could see them getting a wild card. Carson Palmer needs to go, and we need a new offensive coordinator.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh ?

Hope to see you at the show!

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