Sunday, October 3, 2010

Consol Engery Center - Rant - Crowd Control

I have been to the new Consol Energy Center twice now. Once for Paul McCartney and more recently Roger Water's The Wall. For a state of the art facility that cost over 300 million dollars the crowd control is absolutely a joke. The facility has 3 entrances that probably have 6 doors each. Every time there has been a crowd of people trying to get in that are suddenly stopped at various points. You see, they do not have enough room inside to let everyone in. So, they literally stop people on the outside as others are allowed to go up the escalators. Plus, for whatever reason, they have the merchandise stands at the top of the escalator that just causes more issues. For Roger Waters specifically, the doors opened at 7p and show was to begin at 8p. They had to delay the start because hardly 2/3 of the seats were filled. Laughable.

I don't see this working at all if it's raining, snowing or with a bunch of drunk hockey fans. Everyone is going to want to get inside. I am sure the designers will have some excuse on why they did it this way, but seriously for a brand new facility that cost hundreds of millions? You couldn't find a way to accommodate the crowd? What would help is if they took the tickets at the door which they didn't do; instead at the top of the escalator. Getting out of there is a nightmare as well, but you get the idea.