Friday, September 10, 2010

Show Review - Broken Social Scene - Byham Theater - 9/8/10 - Live Review - Pittsburgh

This is going to be a short review. I have seen Broken Social Scene approximately 4 times before, never in a theater setting. I will say it was different. BSS came out strong, playing with a 7 member band, getting the crowd in the mix right away. However, a third of the way through they seemed to hit a wall. Lead Kevin Drew commented twice on the 'ghosts' up in the balcony. It was definitely not a capacity crowd this evening and the rest of the night the bands body language demonstrated it. After two more songs the band acted and appeared to be going through the motions. Kevin Drew commented again that he didn't remember the last time they played a seated theater. hmmm....wonder why.

There were more than a few issues with the show. Some of the crowd moved into the aisles to get near the stage. This fire haszard was not addressed by the nearly dead ushers (very, very old women). It forced people that were now blocked from the stage to stand throughout the show, plus, what is the point of purchasing a more expensive ticket if you are just going to allow anyone/everyone to roam where they choose? I guess Smalls was booked this evening or Opus decided to try them in a theater setting with double the capacity. Unfortunately, this didn't work. Obviously this show would have been better suited at an open theater (maybe Ches-A-Rena?). I did get some good video which you link to on the youtube account.


  1. I agree. They shouldn't have been booked there. People rushing the aisles was bull.
    You pay for the premium seat only to be watching someone shake their booty in your face all night or stand? Can't blame the ushers though. They have to be the sweetest ladies around. They aren't used to drunken, hyped up indie fans. Should the cultural trust have hired some burly dudes to clear the aisles? That's Carnegie Music Hall stuff which people complain about. I went up to the balcony where the music actually sounded better. As for the performance? You are too kind, they hit the wall fourth song when the mopey chick came out.

  2. I was trying to be kind. I was thinking maybe song 2. And that girl...she must be a gf/wife of someone in the band. Someone said I like your hair in the crowd...I hated it. Probably takes her an hour to get that indie look.

  3. i agree- definitely disappointing. the venue was at least partly to blame, although i have seen other bands in seated venues (with even less upbeat music) and not felt such a lack of enthusiasm.
    and the mopey chick was terrible! haha