Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show Preview - Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - 9/25/10 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh

Margot & the Nuclear So & So's will be playing at the Brillobox on 9/25. We previously conducted an interview with lead man Richard Edwards when they came through in March of this year. The show in March was also hosted at the Brillobox. It soldout before the day of the show, so there is a very good chance (especially on a Saturday) that this will sellout as well.

New York City Hotel Blues by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

Margot will be touring behind their new album entitled Buzzard scheduled to be released on 9/21. I have listened to the new album several times. This is quite a departure of the two previous Margot lp's. The indie-pop orchestra sound is replaced by a more guitar driven, stripped down feel. There is more electric guitar and less of the 'clutter' than contributed to last albums. Many of the songs are more uptempo, showing a departure from the more downtrotted music they once performed. From their press release:

And there is, of course, an intriguing path that led Margot towards this evolution in sound, which contrasts the lively optimism of 2008’s Animal! (and/or Not Animal, simultaneously released after contention with former label Epic). Buzzard was recorded over one freezing month last winter in an abandoned movie theater in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Edwards had taken up residence there after leaving his hometown of Indianapolis, when the house where he and the previous seven members of the band had lived was damaged in a fire last summer. Once settled, he began writing a collection of songs loosely inspired by the 8mm ‘nudie cutie’ films unearthed in the theater’s basement, and the youthful reaction of mixed emotions that the films evoked.

Theater seating was cleared away to accommodate the instruments, while a makeshift control room was assembled in the projection perch. As the days went by, a dusky, Bacchic energy started to fill the theater and Buzzard began to take form. Recording took place between the hours of 10pm and 5am, and no artificial light was allowed (as such, three musicians and engineer Neil Strauch broke bones from tripping over cables). Accidents aside, the willful band – live and manic, newly freed from any past constraints – growled their way through the songs and infused them with a raw, forceful energy that Margot had only hinted at in their past recordings. The result is the band’s most immediate studio recording: bigger and louder than ever before, finally capturing Margot’s powerful, captivating live show and defiantly Midwestern sound.

As I have stated before, the band is definitely one to see live. The show is scheduled to begin at 9:30p with two other opening acts set to play.