Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Show Preview - Ludo -Interview - Diesel - 9/12/10 - Pittsburgh

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ludo's Tim Convy Tuesday, August 31st. Ludo will be coming through Pittsburgh Sunday, September 12th in support of their new album to be released September 7th, Prepare the Preparations. Tim was more than kind and offered some explanation for his band's writing style and his breakfast choice.

You have a new record coming out next week, would you say there are a lot of differences than your earlier work? How have you changed over the years?

"If anything we were more confident especially with this record. The earlier ones we were starting out and trying out new stuff. This last one was the first with a major record label and I think we were maybe a little intimidated. We were not so sure of ourselves and thought it was something maybe we didn't deserve, so now with a little more success under our belts and time and everything, so now we are feeling like we belong."

What is your writing process like?

"Andrew writes most of our songs and our guitarist, Tim, writes some for each record, too. The writing process is different each song and different from record to record. Because we had a lot of time off after our other record we were coming from all parts of the country with all different ideas and concepts for songs. Andrew spent a lot of time making demos and really playing songs the way he visions them in his mind. So that was definitely different. This album was the most developed."

Do you have a favorite release or album?

"That's like asking to chose a favorite child, it's impossible. I like different things about all of them."

Where do you get your inspiration and concepts from? You have a lot of different driven songs from time travel to whipped cream.
"Really from all over the place. We didn't and don't want to be one of those bands that only write about falling in love, or hating your life, or whatever, because you don't really meet people like that. People do seem happy or sad or creepy or weird or over the top. I think that comes from we are a couple of weird dudes, I think that comes across in the records."

Do you prefer playing small shows or larger venues?

"I think they both have pros and cons. While it is nice to have a connection to a small crowd of like seventy-five people, I really enjoy playing a large stage and really being able to perform."

Did you plan on playing music your whole life? Or was it something you stumbled into?

"I have wanted to do it since I was in like eighth grade. That's when I started my first band, and when I really got into it. I kind of decided that there was nothing else I was going to love more than music and there was nothing else I would rather be. But I don't know, I couldn't really find the right band. I got nervous as I got older and went to college, then I met the boys."

Pancakes or Waffles?

"I think I have to go with pancakes, but it really depends on the day."

-Interview by Laura Lee Burkhardt

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