Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show Preview - Interview - Donna the Buffalo - 9/9/10 - Mr Smalls - Pittsburgh

Donna the Buffalo will be performing at Mr Smalls this Thursday, September 9th. For 21 years DTB has performed feel good, infectious music that often moves listeners physically and spiritually. Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins are the songwriting team that have made DTB the band it is today. Tara Nevins was kind enough to give us an interview speaking about her 21+ year career and a new solo album.

Where are you currently at?

TN: I'm in Piermont NY.

Do you have show their tonight?

TN: No, this is where I live.

Seems like you're on the road constantly, do you get to to go home a lot?

TN: Not a lot, but I'm home today.

When do you go back on the road?

TN: Saturday.

Is Piermont, NY where you're from originally?

TN: Yeah, I'm from this area and I've always had a place here and up in Trumansburg, NY outside of Ithaca. I spend a lot of my time up there, or on the road, but this is the neck of the woods where I was born and raised.

Does anything surprise you after being in the music industry for 20 + years?

TN: Nothing surprises me, there are no rules, and everything goes in the music business. People become incredibly rich and famous who I wonder why they did. People have tons of talent and never get noticed. If you're somewhere in the middle and you have a great following you travel, are self contained, and this is our career. We have our fans and I feel fortunate that we have the fans that we do. I feel fortunate that we have this great scene, but you know what we've worked hard to do it.

I see by your touring schedule you usually tour the east coast, which venues or places do you like?

TN: I really enjoy playing festivals, I love spending the weekend outside and the community and spirit feeling of a festival. We play festivals all summer long, they go from early spring to early fall. We play festivals a lot through out the year. I enjoy playing theaters, we play from Maine down to Florida, try to get out to Colorado once a year, and may go out to the west coast in December. I love the south, we do well in the Carolina, Florida, and New York state. Lots of great places to see, great people everywhere we go. Festivals are great because people come from all over and you get to reach people all at one time making it a good bonding ground.

I was told that you're working on new solo album, when do you expect that to be completed?

Tara: Probably by late fall, but it probably won't be out until early next year 2011. We're recording it with producer Larry Campbell. Larry Campbell is a fine musician who has produced both of Levon Helm's recent albums Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt, both of which went on to win Grammys. Larry Campbell also plays in Levon Helms band and toured with Bob Dylan's band for eight years. He's a fine fine person and a fine fine musician and I'm very fortunate to be working with him on this record.

Have you worked with Larry before and how we're you introduced?

Tara: No. I was introduced to him by a fellow musician friend.

How is the new solo album different from your previous one?

Tara: I've written all but two songs on it and I'm singing on everything. On my last record I didn't do much of the lead singing, but on this one I'm doing all the lead singing. It's more song oriented rather than fiddle tailor oriented.

Do you think you'll be playing any of those songs with Donna the Buffalo when you come to Pittsburgh?

Tara: No, the records not out yet and it's not even finished so I won't be performing any of those songs.

Have you in the past played any of your solo songs at Donna the Buffalo shows?

Tara: Sometimes, but not a whole lot. As far as Donna the Buffalo we as a band are writing new material and will be recording an album sometime in the winter, maybe February. We have some new band members, Vic Stafford on drums, David McCracken on keyboards, Kyle Spark on bass along with Jeb and myself. We're loving the new band, great guys, and great musicians. We're having a blast on the road and we're looking forward to the new record with the new band. We're really busy.

You were in Pittsburgh late last year, is there anything about Pittsburgh that you really enjoy?

Tara: We're good friends with Rusted Root, Liz Berlin's whose place is Mr Smalls, and we enjoy coming there. We have a lot of good friends there and fans who have become good friends who we really like seeing. We really enjoy it for many reasons.

--Interview by Jonathon P.

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