Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show Review - Bad Veins & We Are Scientists - Brillobox - 8/15/10 - Concert Review - Pittsburgh - Live Review

Last Sunday was a hot, muggy night in Pittsburgh. Even with the air condition blasting at the Brillo I was sweating bullets in shorts. A few drinks helped alleviate the sticky feeling in the short term while I caught the last song of opener Margie Blanc. Fortunately, Bad Veins wasted no time setting up their stage. They are still the 2 piece with a 'thrid' member being Irene, their reel to reel 70's tape recorder. Irene supplies the band with their samples, bass, etc. while the two members play on drums and guitar. At the get go Bad Veins raised the spirit of the audience with their heavy drum beats and distorted vocals. They utilize an old 80's style phone attached to a podium to create the fuzzy sound. Irene usually kicks off each song before the band drives home the louder parts. Lead Ben Davis told the crowd this was their last show on the tour and they had run out of cd's. Instead he gave the crowd the web address where you could get the album for free. Nice guy. The only disappointment for me was they didn't play any new songs, still relying on all the tracks from their debut album. The crowd was definitely into the performance and were mobbing the two after their set. I would love to see these guys as a 4 piece to flesh out their sound live instead of using Irene.

We Are Scientists were up next on the bill but took a little more time to setup. They were a 3 piece this night with the usual bass, guitar and drums including former Razorlight member Andy Burrows. Bassist Chris Cain definitely sports the hipster look from his ironic mustache and glasses to the skinny jeans. WAS started off the set playing their dance pop songs which immediately worked the crowd into a frenzy. Most were belting out the vocals to each song right along with lead singer Keith Murray. This was my first WAS show, but many in the crowd appeared to witness the spectacle before. WAS provide a lot of fun energy onstage which translates down to the crowd. Many times Chris Cain danced his way into the audience while spectators created a divide for him ducking the bass neck. He moved along with rhythm even ignoring a female 'super fan' that was licking him on the face. She was definitely a little too involved. WAS appeared not to use a set list, instead just asking 'What are we playing now?' They would listen to the audience cat calls and then discuss it before launching into the next song. Between each and every song Chris and Keith would create banter between themselves that many times went nowhere. It sounded like two guys who had been in a van way too long together. At first it was a bit amusing, but then it really became a little annoying. But this was the only negative on a show that was a definite audience pleaser.

It was a very good double bill last Sunday night. Both bands are worth checking out if they come to your town.


  1. I'm with you on Bad Veins. They'd be more dynamic with another body on stage rather than a recording. Still they managed to play a more interesting and rocking live show than We Are Scientists.

  2. I believe the local opener for this show was Satin Gum, not Mariage Blanc.

  3. Margie Blanc is a joke.

  4. Margie Blanc is a back-stabbing *****.