Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Show Preview - We Are Scientists w/ Bad Veins - Brillobox - 8/15/10

We Are Scientists and Bad Veins will be playing at the Brillobox Sunday, 8/15. I had the pleasure of reviewing  and interviewing Bad Veins a year ago. They put on a really amazing show even making my top 10 of concerts of 2009. They have been gaining more exposure lately appearing on ABC's 'Amplified' segment and touring nonstop to larger audiences than was at Garfield Artworks. They are also supporting a new ep Outliers featuring songs that didn't fit into their strong self titled debut.

Bad Veins - Falling Tide from Soft City Lights on Vimeo.

We Are Scientists are a band I meant to catch but missed when they came through last time. This is a band that has had great success in Europe appearing at Leeds, Reading most recently Glastonbury Festivals. While definitely popular in Europe, they have quite a large following stateside.They are also a duo (now) touring behind their fourth album Barbara. The album has been receiving rave reviews both abroad and domestic. A sampling:

"They've unleashed a fistful of songs that'd do any of the mid-noughties breakthrough brigade prouder than many of them can still conceive....all the ingredients are absolutely there for a thoroughly explosive reaction"

"The New York-based Californians continue to round the spiky indie-rock edges off their 2006 party-hard debut...hungry verses about relationships that glide into giant choruses. A solid step forward for a band unfathomably more popular in the UK than their homeland."

The band is also known for their live shows bringing their dance punk aesthetic. I have seen video of them and the crowd is definitely having a fun time. Also, the band has a song entitled "Pittsburgh" so how bad could they really be?

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