Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lollapalooza in Review - Day One - 8/6/10

Lollapalooza has come and gone. We tweeted about it here, so some of this is going to be regurgitated. I am just going to go down the list of everyone I saw:


These United States - Did an interview with them. They were good live, unfortunately, not a lot of people got to see them because they opened the doors late to lolla. Wish I had been able to see them at Club Cafe.

Wavves - Really enjoy the new album. Didn't know how it would translate live. I wasn't expecting much but they did really, really well. A little too much banter, but not terrible. Impressive.

The Big Pink - meh

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Even on a hot muggy day they brought it just like they did at the Brillo. Again, cannot say enough good things about their live show

New Pornographers - I have been indifferent to their live performances in general. But I will say this is the best set I have seen. Neko being there helped a lot. Still, they are mediocre live act.

Dirty Projectors - I don't get the appeal. I guess they were good for what they do, but I could only last 3 songs because it bored the piss out me.

Fuck Buttons - meh #2

Lady Gaga - She's definitely an entertainer and I can see why people find her appealing. There were approximately 80k people there to catch her act and she didn't disappoint.
The Strokes - I left Gaga after about 45 minutes to catch The Strokes. The Strokes were really good. It was their first time playing Lolla according to lead Julian. They were very enjoyable. The only downfall was that they aren't meant for a set over an hour. Julian, who obviously doesn't say much between songs , tried his hands at banter which came off awkward. They finished their set early.

Top 3 of Friday

3) Cymbals Eat Guitars
2) Lady Gaga
1) Wavves

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