Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lollapalooza Day 3 - Sunday 8/8/10

Finally getting around to the last day of the festival. So, here is Sunday.

The Antlers - It was raining this morning but The Antlers braved the wind and storm. They played their atmospheric music which was pleasing. The funny part was they went over their set time bleeding into the Dodo's. The Dodo's (playing directly across) waited a couple of minutes before launching into their set playing a battle of the bands of sorts. Strange since these 2 are on the same label. Do they like each other?

The Dodos - Again, these guys made my best show of 2008. This time, they didn't really impress me as much. They appeared a little road weary even stating this was their last show on a huge tour. The cool part was they brought on Neko Case for a few tunes which added nicely to their sound.

The Cribs - I left The Dodo's a little early to checkout the Cribs with Johnny Marr. Marr looked really well for his age and still can kill on guitar. The Cribs sounded good as I really wasn't familiar with them. Glad I go to see JM.

Mumford & Sons - Amazing set. I don't know these dudes from a ham sandwich but they had the audience worked into a frenzy at 3p. It was over flowing at the Playstation Stage and everyone appeared to know who the Sons were. They really put out the energy that trickled down to the crowd. Wonderful and surprising set.

Yeasayer = Yeasabore

Frightened Rabbit - Really enjoy these guys. Didn't get into the last album but they still brought it on stage. Left a little early since they are coming here in Nobember.

MuteMath - Another surprise for me. Nice live set that had the crowd pumped.

MGMT - Out of all the bands playing Lolla I was looking forward to watching MGMT. I love both albums. But these guys, while solid, were quite tame. The question you have to ask, "Would you travel 2 hours to see these guys again?" The answer, definitely not. A bit of a disappointment for me.

The National - For guys who play serious downtrodden, melodic music they honestly know how to translate it live. They brought out a horn section for their set along with an Arcade Fire member (redhead dude). They sounded great and kept the audience engrossed. The XX and MGMT should take notes.

Arcade Fire - Love these guys live and they are a band you would travel 4 hours to see. However, the first songs were soft and you could literally hear Soundgarden bleeding through from way, way, way across the park. Between songs it was overpowering. I eventually got annoyed and walked down to Soundgarden after 45 minutes. Big mistake.

Soundgarden - These guys looked their age and the years haven't been kind. I will say they were loud, but they had so many technical difficulties that it became more annoying. Left early.

Top 3 shows Sunday:

3) National
2) MuteMath
1) Mumford & Sons

Round up coming later this week.