Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lollapalooza Day 2 Saturday 8/7/10

Saturday Day 2 (Cont)

Stars - Let me say I am a heterosexual male and I like Stars. F* the rest of ya. Amy Milan's voice is exquisite. They put on a great performance with white roses and confetti canons ala Flaming Lips.Enjoyable.

XX - Love the freaking album, but this was the most disappointing set without question. First, they played in the daylight, when they are truly meant for the night. Then they played in all dark clothes and were quite tame. It was a huge crowd, but once they are started to bore everyone the chatter just escalated to the point I had to move on. And please get a different t-shirt. A black shirt with a 'x' on it is really original.

Gogol Bordello - Walked over after leaving XX and what a contrast in crowd and band. The band and crowd were dancing and jumping. They are probably in their 40-50's playing gypsy punk like music. Full of energy and entertaiment. Funny thing is I wouldn't buy their album. Just isn't for me. But the live show? I would see it again.

Metric - Now that was an f-ing set. Emily Haines, sexiest girl in indie rock, has everyone dancing w the crowd going pretty nuts. The guy right next to me took his pants off and started surfing. Saw them in pgh and they did 10x that here at Lolla.

Grizzly Bear - Really? Oh my god....please do something for the crowd. Anything. You sold over 100k albums.Yawn.

Cut Copy - Good solid live act. Nothing special.

Phoenix - Very, very good live performance. Probably the best headliner I caught the entire 3 days (more coming on this tomorrow). Lead said this was the biggest crowd they played to and they didn't disappoint for me.

Top 3 from Saturday:

3) Phoenix
2) Gogol Bordello
1) Metric

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