Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lollapalooza 2010 Roundup

Three weeks later I am doing my last Lolla post. Here we go:

Why Lolla is the best festival period:

1) In and out privaleges - Want go back to your hotel to take a nap? Grab a cheap beer? Eat better food? Don't want to use a port-o-let? No problem.

2) You are in Chicago. No need to rent a car or take cabs. Resturaunts not name Taco Bell or In n Out.

3) Grant Park. Stunning. One side Lake Michigan, other side Chicago skyline.

4) Ticket prices are more reasonable than any other festival.

5) Wonderful space for viewing a show and vendors.

Top Shows for 2010

10) Strokes
9) Cymbals Eat Guitars
8) Phoenix
7) National
6) Lady Gaga
5) Wavves
4) MuteMath
3) Metric
2) Gogol Bordello
1) Mumford & Sons

Most Disappointing Performances:

3) Dodos
1)  The XX

Until next year.

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