Friday, July 2, 2010

Show Preview - Interview - We Were Promised Jetpacks - 7/8/10 - Mr Smalls - Pittsburgh - Concert Preview

We Were Promised Jetpacks will be playing at Mr Smalls Wednesday, 7/8. They are a Scottish quartet playing their brand of indie rock. If you happen to catch the Twilight Sad last month at Brillobox, you surely don't want to miss this show. They share the same label (Fat Cat), are from the same country and a part of the 'Glasglow' scene.

They were kind enough to give us an interview while touring and watching the World Cup. They just recently released an EP this year entitled The Last Place You'll Look, the followup to their first LP Four Walls. We covered such details as their writing process, touring life and their take on the World Cup (if you are a diehard like me). We conducted the interview before US was knocked out (Ghana? come on) in the second round.

You have been well rcvd in the 'indie world' of North America; how is it in Europe?

we're quite well rcvd in europe too! germany is great, holland is pretty good, scotland is alright and england isn't that amazing.

A Far Cry by We Were Promised Jetpacks

How are the shows you play in Europe compared to the ones in the US? Are you getting the same attendance? How does the audience differ in responding to the music?

similar attendance when we play in germany and holland, a little less in scotland and loads less in england! the crowds are pretty similar everywhere too. germany is a little crazy, actually, but everywhere is pretty good.

 Have you been able to watch the World Cup? Any team you have a soft spot for since Scotland didn’t qualify? Who do you believe will take home the cup? Best game you have seen so far? 

 we've watched all of it! we have to leave for the US in a couple of days though, so might miss some games. we do actually have a soft spot for the US, but i just want the good teams to play well and win. anyone playing well i like. not in a "support the team who will win it" kind of way, but a "support the team who plays the best attacking football" kind of way.

Did you happen to see the US v. Slovenia game? You think the team got hosed? Anything you feel FIFA should do to handle better officiating (using replay)?

they absolutely did! they got robbed. i'm pleased they won the group today though, they deserved it. i don't think you can start using replays as that means some games have different rules to other games, which is bad. the sport it so global, and all the games have to have the same rules. tv replays can't be used in the lower scottish leagues as not all games are on tv, and they don't have enough money to take cameras and replay technology to these games. what's so good about football is that the world cup final is the same game as a useless league game in the scottish third division.

The Walls Are Wearing Thin by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Now that the knockout round is established (after today) who do you like going to the final? You think Argentina is legit?

well, i'm supporting usa (not a suck up, i really am) and would actually quite like england to do pretty well, but not win it. argentina do look for real this time. i'm a huge juan veron fan! But i'm a sucker for good old fashioned passing football, so i don't really mind who wins, as long as they don't win it by defending!

How does your song writing process work? Does everyone get involved with lyrics and music?

adam has one or two guitar parts and together we all do our own bits and piece the song together. adam does all the lyrics himself, because he has to sing them

Is it more difficult to tour in the US v. Europe? More profitable? Have you gotten acclimated to the business side of things?

it's a little more difficult as the US is so big, so to tour it properly you have to be away from home for a long time. but aside from that, it's pretty similar! we don't really have to think much about the business side of things, i suppose.

short bursts by We Were Promised Jetpacks

The new EP The Last Place You'll Look is a bit dark than your debut LP These Four Walls. How did that develop? Were you going through a difficult period? Is there any theme to it?

we were told it would be good to have a release to go along with our first headline tour in feb/march so we figured it'd be fun to try something new. i like the ep, and i'm proud of it and glad we did it the way we did. it wasn't a difficult period at all, quite the opposite.

 You are traveling with Bear Hands. Did you select them as your tour mates? Enjoying tour with them?
 we did and we love them's great they're on the same booking agecy as us, so they were recommeneded for the support in feb/march which we said yes to (cos they're great) and we wanted them back for this tour too. we always want them.

this is my house this is my home by We Were Promised Jetpacks

 What are the goals for the band? What would you like to accomplish?

 to make another album. always! when we made the first one we'd always said our aim was to get to make another one out of it. now we're writing the next one and having a great time. once that comes out it'd be nice to get to do another and not have to get proper jobs where you have to get up really early and not get to watch the world cup in the afternoon...

Do you create your own videos? “Roll Up Your Sleeves” has some very interesting graphics.

not really, we leave that up to people who know what they're doing. we saw the video that he did for the twilight sad and thought it was great so got fatcat to get him to do the sleeves one. it turned out alright!

The Twilight Sad was just here a couple of months ago. How would you say your live performance compares to them? Do we need to bring earplugs to this show?

 i hope so. we look up to them a lot, and that's something we've taken form them a little. hopefully it'll be loud as fuck!

Is there any album the band is loving these days while on tour?

a few i guess. the new national record is amazing. the new endor (glasgow) album is great, royal bangs, etc...


  1. US choked against Ghana. Argentina definitely wasn't real. Played no defense. Dutch look good.