Monday, July 5, 2010

Show Preview - Minus the Bear - 7/10/10 - Mr Smalls - Pittsburgh

In less than one week, one of the most undefinable bands of this decade will be gracing our beautiful city. Minus the Bear is coming back to Pittsburgh this Saturday, July 10 to play another packed show at Mr. Smalls Theatre and Funhouse. The Seattle based band is on tour following the release of their sixth album, titled Omni. Through their six albums the sound that they achieve has evolved and grown nearly as much as the band members themselves.

Coming together in 2001, Minus the Bear was formed from scraps and pieces of various other acts such as Botch, Sharks Keep Moving, Kill Sadie, and have connections to side projects like These Arms Are Snakes, among others. It is understandable where their sound comes from when you look into their collective background. Nearly every band that members were pulled from were pioneers of the math rock genre. This particular genre is quite possibly the best single word that can describe Minus the Bear. It draws from the hearts of ambient "Brian Eno-esque" sounds, the passion of rock and hardcore jams, the interesting appeal of the synthesizer in experimental music and mixes it with meaningful vocals and lyrics often associated with the emo genre.

Minus the Bear is the ultimate kaleidoscope band, always staying within their realm of comfort, but subtly changing their sound with every little move. This is why they continue to keep their appeal and constantly expand their fan base, thus selling out many of the shows that they play. Hopefully Saturday at Mr. Smalls will be no different. The more people, the more fun, and more of a chance for people to get into other bands as well. Another West Coast "no known genre" band, Everest, will be sharing the stage with MtB. It surely isn't their first big tour, as they've played with acts like Wilco. A self proclaimed rock and roll plus some abjectives band, Everest is sure to add another dimension to an already highly anticipated show.

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