Saturday, June 19, 2010

Show Review - Kina Grannis - Garfield Artworks - 6/12/10 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review

You might not be familiar with Kina Grannis but chances are you have heard her before. A couple of years ago, when the New England Patriots choked away their perfect season, Grannis made her debut on the national scene. During the most watched event annually, Grannis’s video was shown in a 60 second commercial. She had won a national contest, sponsored by Doritos, base on the number of online votes for best video. Along with her national exposure, Grannis was also signed to major Interscope Records. This past Saturday she made her Pittsburgh debut at Garfield Artworks.

This was an early show probably due to the younger crowd most of whose parents brought them. However, it wasn’t your typical Garfield audience. The entire set was met with approximately 75 people never standing; all were politely sitting in their chairs the whole time. Plus, the partons never talked over the artist once. Grannis took the stage by herself and with a guitar. She is one of the most fan friendly acts I have seen. The entire show was being shown live via webcast. She even took time to wish an online fan ‘happy birthday’.

Her music is comparable to Ingrid Michaelson (who just happened to play at the 3 Rivers Art Festival the night before) with a sultry sound and a majestic voice. Even with the challenging sound structure GA presents her guitar and voice definitely shined. It felt like a sweatbox inside due to the summer heat, plus no air conditioning. Even with this atmosphere the crowd responded to every song with exuberant cheering and applause. Grannis worked the room well with her storytelling between songs. This helped take the minds off the extreme humidity with fans furiously waving ripped cardboard to fight off the sweat.

A majority of the songs Grannis played were off her new LP Stairwells. She also included several fan favorites in the mix. Grannis has a definite appeal to the casual concertgoer. First, she contains a permanent smile throughout the show letting nothing affect her. Secondly, she shares so much with the audience including what the songs mean and thanking them profusely. Last, she is an extremely attractive artist who cares how she is viewed. Through the course of the show she was asking apologizing to the audience for how her hair was hanging due to the humidity.

If you have a chance and are on the fence whether to check her out or not, definitely make the attempt. She is not an artist who will let you down.


  1. BTW, it's Kina Grannis, (not Kinna) but no matter, your review was spot on. She never stops smiling when she plays. Her fan base is large and growing every day. I watched the stream of the show and she had her game on. BTW, it was one of her fans with a mac book set on a seat. Unfortunately, the lighting was bad for filming with high backlight, but the sound was good enough to entertain the crowd watching from home.

    Keep your eye on Kina. You're going to see her career snowball into something very big!

  2. Ingrid Michaelson's first Pittsburgh show was also at
    Garfield Artworks, on July 13, 2007. Attended by around
    the same size crowd, as well.

  3. I was at that show!! woohoo! love Kina!

    1. btw, my name is Jim. Kina will know who I am! :)