Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show Review - Josiah Wolf (of Why? fame) w/ The Choclate Horse - Morning Glory Coffee House - 6/22/10 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review - Live Review

I had the pleasure of catching Josiah Wolf and The Chocolate Horse at Morning Glory Coffee House this past Tuesday. Josiah is a member of the band Why? who was performing with his wife Liz. He just created his first LP entitled Jet Lag on Anticon Records. The opener for the evening was The Chocolate Horse, fronted by fellow Cincinnatian Jason Snell, who was touring with JW on the last leg. Both Josiah and Liz assisted Jason by creating the backing drums and vocals. For never hearing TCH I was really impressed. Usually you hear an opener and just end up talking over them (especially in pgh). Even if there had been a larger crowd, I doubt this would have happened. His latest album is entitled We Don't Stand on Ceremony.

Josiah Wolf played the second half of the show with his wife. They shared vocals on various songs off their debut album Jet Lag including a few covers. One of those was a Sinatra cover of "All of Me" but I really didn't catch the other two. Josiah played guitar with a kick drum and high hat while Liz was on bass. They play a bit of catchy lo-fi music that has a definite melancholy feel to it. It's very minimalist composition with instruments and sound.

The great thing about the show was how nice they were with the audience. Before, during and after the show all 3 touring members talked with the crowd who came to see them. They were very gracious throughout, even with a low attendance. My battery died so I wasn't able to record as much. I can't say enough about their outlook and sunny disposition. I hope both bands make their way back here.