Thursday, May 27, 2010

Show Review - The Twilight Sad - Brillobox - 5/25/10

The Twilight Sad played a furious set Tuesday night at the Brillobox. Coming out to a sea of noise over the speakers the band jumped onstage and began pounding away. Lead James Graham was definitely the focal point with his wailing vocals and manic moves onstage. He really feels the music and gives it his all when he performs.

The band played a majority off their new lp Forget the Night Ahead with a mix of older songs thrown in. The group played with a wall of sheer fury holding the audiences attention with every tune. At times it was difficult to hear the vocals especially on tracks from the new album. "I am a Prostitue" was crystal clear when the band played which such force and intensity that it had me in awe. Andy MacFarlane played lead guitar with waves of sound and energy that presented a nice layer for the audience's ears. The only snafu was during one song the microphone and part of the instruments lost power cutting the set short. They were able to get back online after a minute delay. It was a great night...check out the videos.