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Show Preview - Linfinity Interview - Mr Smalls - 5/7/10 - Opening for Murder By Death - Ticket Giveaway - Pittsburgh

Lifinity will be playing at Mr Smalls on Friday, 5/7/10 opening for Murder By Death. Below is a preview of the show along with an interview we conducted with head man Dylan Von Wagner. We are also giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Just email us at with your name to enter.

Linfinity are a NYC band who is the brain child of front man Dylan Von Wagner. Dylan didn't get serious about music until his late 20's. He first began to perform as Lifinity nearing 30. Lifinity in 2007 when Von Wagner recorded some demos with a few friends at The Walkmen’s Marcata studio in Harlem. Those songs were later released by St. Ives Records and Lifinity was soon born.

Molly Mar of Rome by Lifinity

You didn’t start getting serious about music until your late 20’s. What was your career before this? What made you want to try this at such a late point in your life? Anything trigger it?

I had a desire for music since high school, but in my area in upstate ny, no one I knew played anything, then I went to Universtity of Vermont and music was more prominent. During school and after I graduated I went to london and soaked up a lot of music, but still didn't pick up an instrument. It wasn't till I moved back to ny when I was 23 24 where I decided i best give this a go. After that just years of learning and trying to write etc...

Had you written and performed in the past? Or was it more of a hobby?

I started performing solo when I was 28 or 29, then made a demos record and began forming Linfinity.

Did you have any musical training as you were growing up?

No, there was a piano around and some lessons, I played church songs with my grandmother, took a few lessons, but then gave it up for sports.

Martian's Bloom by Lifinity

Could you give some insight to your lyrics for “Holy Rain”. Shown into the doom/fortnight into flames/all ways are blown/so call the room in vain.

A young terrorist teenager in Algiers. it's supposed to be dune not doom, typo, eg terrorist training camp in the desert.

Is there a theme behind your new album? Or are these songs that shouldn’t be grouped together?

They seem to come from a tough place, kind of searching yet disturbed by the surroundings...I think Linfinity will always be all over the map style wise.

Southern Belles by Lifinity

How does your songwriting process work in the band?

Depends, I either have something mostly finished, sometimes I'll work with our guitarist josh collins to help with some sections, a bridge, an outro.....other times, I have a song finished or a sketch and we just start feeling it out.....I try to keep bringing in songs, so I stay militant with my song craft. The band is a round table, so ideas kind of go in a circle and we try a song a lot of different ways till it works, sometimes it comes together quick, sometimes not so much....

What is your goal with the band? How would you deem yourself successful? What would you like to accomplish?

Well, the key is to make yourself a brand for touring so you can attempt to keep playing shows and sustain on the road, so the more touring the better it is for your album. If you happen to do well, then maybe go to Europe and other regions. Beyond the business side, content is king, keep writing songs and get better at song craft. I think that's the band's strongest suit is banging it out in a rehearsal room writing new material. Short term, hope we can tour this album for a bit and get a new album out next spring, I don't like this whole tour for two years and make a record every two years process, think you should attempt to put something out once a year. I understand if you have nothing to say as a band you can wait, but we seem to be frothing with material...

Is there an album or show that made you want to dedicate your career to music?

Led Zeppelin box set, the black one with four discs. I remember I had to have someone steal that for me cause it was so expensive in high school, so thank you jeremy! It was amazing to hear a band with such diversity, one song folk, middle eastern, blues, new wave esque. there songs were unique, they had strong riffs and the arrangements were startling. As for concerts, think an early paul simon concert impressed me, I was taken as a child.

What or who are you describing in “Molly Mar of Rome”: She’s a perennial rose/she shines indeglow/she’s got an irreverent nose/my molly of rome.

She's a roman princess who gives great blow jobs and saves the world from war, the king is so happy he sees no reason for war. this could be the future of nato!

Morning Heights by Lifinity

Your father passed away while recording your first ep. Did this experience influence that recording and lyrics?

It was horrible, norm's song, southern belles, martian's bloom kind of came out of that, he was the guy who ran 5 miles a day, thought he was going the long haul and it's even more bittersweet for he's not around for our record and shows. he saw us once at mercury lounge in nyc a month before he passed.

You are going out on a 37 city tour. Is this your first national tour? Have you playing Pittsburgh before?

This is our first tour ever as a band, so far, we're two weeks in and it's been amazing, we've played great venues to 200 to 300 people a night. Murder by death are amazing, force of nature and their fans are rabid. They're a great role model for how to function and perform as a band, they're very generous and at this stage in their career very grateful to be playing music. check out their new album 'Goodmorning Magpie.' Also Ha Ha tonka are an incredible band, they bring it strong every night. It's good to be on three band bill for all the dates, become a family of sorts.

Anything you would like to say to Pgh?

Never been, you tell me?

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