Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tim Kasher of Cursive - Interview

I have been meaning to post this interview. About a month ago we were able to sit down with Tim Kasher of Cursive. They were opening up for Alkaline Trio at Club Zoo. He spent 15 minutes talking to us about his new single, what is currently on his plate and of course the band. Below is the interview.

You have a new single coming out next week entitled Discovering America where all profits will go to the American Indian College Fund. How did you become involved with this organization? What made you decide to support it?

I am a huge advocate of the Crazy Horse Memorial which is what the inspiration was for writing the song. We wanted to put the money toward the Crazy Horse organization but they have a strict policy about where their money comes from. So, they pointed us to the Indian College Fund which is where we decided to donate the earnings.

When your previous drummer Clint left how close were you to breaking up the band?

When Clint left it was a really good time for us to assess whether to continue or not. I am glad we didn’t; we were able to do this last album (Mama, I’m Swollen) which was a positive thing to get through with the remaining members. It’s tough to keep a band going as long as we have.

Do you all share song writing duties now compared to previous albums?

We kind of do more and less between Ted and I. When Ted joined the band I was hesitant about it because he is a songwriter himself and I didn’t like the idea of placing a songwriter behind a songwriter. We kind of let Ted decide if he wanted to join; he’s been with us for 20 years now. He has added to albums and those are the ones he lends vocals to.

I read previously you wrote a screenplay and were attempting to produce it. Did anything ever become of that?

It’s turning out great. I am schedule to shoot it in May. This is the closest I have gotten to shooting it without the date being moved. It’s about a guy whose car breaks down in a small town and begins to fraternize with the locals while his car is being fixed. He ends up staying there for a week and gets messed up in the lives of the locals. The antithesis of the whole thing was wondering what the secrets are that lie behind doors of small towns. It’s really low budget.

You were based out in Los Angeles for a time. Are you still there and how does collaborating with the rest of the band work since they are in Omaha?

I lived in Los Angeles for two years, but now I live in Montana in a place called Whitefish. The weather is better. Whitefish is tucked behind a mountain range so the winters are not as harsh as in Omaha.

Your last album Mama, I’m Swollen was available for download with a scale that started low and then proceeded to move up in price. How did that strategy work for you with regards to sales?

For us our objective was to get it to as many people as possible. The whole decision to do that was by Saddle Creek Records who was trying to create new ways of legal downloading. It was a pretty successful venture.

What kind of music are you listening today?

I feel really out of touch with music for the time being because I have been editing and finishing a record that will be mixed in the next couple of weeks. It’s not a Cursive record; it’s just going to a be solo album that will be coming out under my own name. It should be on Saddle Creek Records as well.

I know you guys have played Coachella do you like playing there (we will be attending this year)?

It’s a blast. I would have had more fun had I known how huge it was. Now I wish they would invite us back. I went there last year because Conor (Oberst) and the Mystic Valley Band were playing.


  1. Nice interview. I really dig Cursive.