Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reminder - Black Gold - Cd and Vinyl Giveaway

Just a reminder I am giving away copies of Black Gold's debut album entitled Rush in both vinyl and cd. To enter just send your name/address to Be sure to include what format you would like to receive. Below is a description of the band with their single "Shine" streaming. If you would like to hear more be sure to checkout their website here.

Black Gold is a relatively new band from NYC. Eric Ronick and Than Luu make up the group who have mainly been supporting members of well known artists. From their bio:

Ronick and Luu have each, separately, logged significant stage time with such groups as Ambulance LTD, Panic! At The Disco, M. Ward, The Boredoms and Adam Franklin of Swervedriver; and they wrote and recorded the bulk of their forthcoming debut, Rush, in Ronick’s Brooklyn studio during intermittent breaks from their other musical commitments.

The music Black Gold creates takes from a variety of eras:

Musical inspiration is drawn, according to the pair, from practically the
entire history of recorded music: “There is no style or genre that’s off limits,” Ronick says. “We get a real kick out of taking from different artists, different periods, and putting our spin on it, and somehow ended up with something cohesive and that sounds, undeniably, like us.” Luu says, “If you listen, you’ll hear some stuff from the 1930’s, a lot of rock and psychedelic influences from the 1960’s and 1970’s, but you’ll also hear some contemporaries who we’re listening to like Hot Chip.”

Lyrics are equally important:

“Each song has a story to it,” Luu explains. “‘After the Flood’ speaks to relationships ingeneral, while ‘Shine’ is more about faith and love.” “Plans And Reveries,” according to Ronick, is “about the moment when you come to and realize what you’ve lost, what you had, and what you don’t have any more. We don’t like to be overly specific because we’re really interested in having the listener kind of invent their own narrative.”