Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girls - Mr Smalls - 4/5/10 - Show Review - Pittsburgh

Girls played this past Monday at Mr. Smalls to a half full venue. I have heard varying opinions about this show which I am sure some of you have read. Let me go on record as saying I really enjoy their first lp Album which was in my player for quite some time. Of course, seeing the band who's album you enjoy doesn't always translate.


Girls opened their set with b-side 'Solitude'. I wish it had been a more fan friendly song to kick things off and grab the audience's attention. They continued their set by playing a majority of the songs off their "album" including 'Goddamn' and 'Lauren Marie'. The highlight for us happened when our drinks were knocked over by the pure driving force of 'Morning Light'. The songs that received the most attention by the crowd were of course their semi hits 'Lust for Life' and 'Laura'. Girls also played two other unreleased songs 'Substance' and 'Heartbreaker'. The band closed with another b-side 'Life in San Fransisco'.

"Lust For Life"

I believe my friend said it best when I asked him what he thought. He stated, "They were exactly as I imagined they would be. They satisfied my expectations." I thought this said it all. Did they blow you away? No. Were they a band who was going to prance around stage? Nope. They played their brand of pop and did it as expected. Watch the videos and judge for yourself (there are several more here).

**Special thanks to John K for the photos. To see more go here

"Morning Light"

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