Thursday, April 15, 2010

Club Zoo Concert Experience

Just wanted to add something to the below post. I went to Club Zoo for the first time (after interviewing Tim K.). As we we were handing over our tickets, the attendant told us there was free beer upstairs. Cool. Or so we thought.

We showed our id's before going upstairs and the bouncer told us it would be $20 (not free after all). I explained I was the dd that night and wouldn't be drinking. He explained the $20 wasn't for beer but for the "view". We bit the bullet and paid the $20. After going upstairs there was literally a line that rapped around the whole floor. They only had one beer stand even though they had a bar on the other side.

After standing in line for 30 minutes and moving 5 feet we decided to get our money back. Of course, "No refunds" said the bouncer. We got back in line and waited another 45 minutes to get a free beer (of which you could only have one 8 ounce cup). Bogus. And the $20 view? It sucked. Couldn't see anything.

Lesson learned: If you go to Club Zoo get tanked beforehand or sneak something in. Do not go upstairs.


  1. I went to Club Zoo one time to see Ben Folds. It was so packed, you couldn't see due to the place being shaped like a trapezoid. The real downer of the whole situation was that you also couldn't HEAR anything... it was miserable. Charging extra for a "view". Oh, brother. That's wrong in so many ways.

  2. I was at the Ben Folds show there as well, and luckily I found a semi decent spot on the floor. But it's not a secret that club zoo isn't the best venue for anything, that's why it's a club and not a usual spot for shows that are worth seeing. However, sometimes you just have to deal if you want to see your fav's.

  3. haha. I was there. Club Zoo sucks.