Monday, March 15, 2010

Show Review - They Might Be Giants - 3/13/10 - New Hazlett Theater - Concert Review - Pittsburgh

First time I have been to the New Hazlett Theater and it was a very pleasant surprise for a show. A nice venue that I hope gets more acts (plus they have a full bar which some of the parents were taking advantage of). One look at the line of kids going in and you would suspect that Barney was in town (or whoever is popular these days). Both shows to this event had been sold out for over a month. It’s a bit amusing to see how far the Johns’ have come now entertaining a demographic of young, pre-teen kids who don’t even know that they have been creating music for the past 25 years.

The show was obviously different from the normal ones I attend, but it was entertaining nonetheless. TMBG came out onstage and began playing to an enthusiastic blend of kids and parents. Within the first two songs they were inviting everyone into the pit area which became packed within a matter of minutes. Kids were dancing, parents bopping and singing along while TMBG put on a mix of songs from their albums and dvd’s. I think I saw more parents involved in the show than some of their kids.

It would be difficult to keep the under-13 crowd involved for an entire set without throwing in some props and tactics to keep the kids attention. TMBG did just that by conducting a singing, comedy puppet show that was shown on the big screen so that the crowd could see. The band themselves got into the act by allowing the kids to strum a guitar and giving them high-low fives during one song. The biggest grabber was when tons of confetti was rocketed out onto the adoring crowd who ended up blanketed. The kids, of course, went nuts whenever one of these cannons was detonated.

For the parents it was a well spent $45 to be entertained by TMBG to recordings that their young ones always play. Plus, TMBG didn’t forget about those folks playing some songs from their past catalogue but those that were tot-friendly such as “Particle Man” (I would imagine they are sick of playing that song). All in all it was an enjoyable experience from a band that I recall listening to when I was barely out of my teens. Glad to see they are already preparing a cult following that will span another 25 years.


  1. Thanks so much for the photos/video/Linnell interview you published a while ago. I went to the 2:00 show and it was a blast! John and John are just fantastic entertainers all around, regardless of audience age or whatnot. So great.

  2. Long time fan of TMBG; indoctrinated the next generation early on. Absolutely great 2:00pm show. Fun for the whole family from 45 down to 6 years of age; "I Never Go To Work" & "Seven" are now in constant mental rotation. (..with a few pocketfuls of confetti lugged home. Just in case.) Thanks for the review; and Thanks John & John!

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