Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Show Review - Miles Kurosky - Brillobox - 3/29/10 - Concert Review - Pittsburgh

When doing these "show reviews" it's difficult to represent what you have just seen. Did the crowd enjoy it? Did they talk throughout the show? Were the performers entertaining? Did they just go through the motions? What do you write about? Well, this one is really easy.

Miles Kurosky and band performed a raucous, lively show that simply killed. Before he even began the stage was set by Elephant 6 loving locals Delicious Pastries. They provided a nice warm up using three keyboard players and a guitar instead of their usual drum, bass setup. Next up was Pancho-san composed of two former Beulah (and Rogue Wave) members who played a satisfying mix of songs off their debut album. Later on in the evening they acted as MK's backing band.

MK began his performance with "I Can't Swim" off his new solo album The Desert of Shallow Effects. The band and MK were in synch tearing through the set while providing an electric atmosphere. Between songs MK announced that, "I'm not shi*ing you, Pittsburgh is the Holy Land." He told the crowd how his father is from Pgh and pronounces words with that old Yinzer style. What made this such a memorable show is the way MK interacts with the crowd. Many patrons were calling out for old Beulah tunes. He was more than happy to oblige inviting them onstage to sing it with him. When he played "Emma Blowguns Last Stand" he had a member of Delicious Pastries come up and play the trumpet. Once the song began into the first rift the crowd was in a frenzy jumping up and down while singing along. The floor beneath actually felt like it was giving way.

(at the 3 minute mark the song kicks in; that is the floor bouncing throughout)

After the show I saw MK converse and give hugs to audience members. He really knows how to own a stage and connect with his audience. If you get the chance (and you like his music) make sure to see him. You won't regret it. He provides a memorable experience that you won't soon forget.

*****Thank you to hugh at for the pics.