Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Preview - Mr. Gnome - Album Review - Heave Yer Skeleton - Smiling Moose - 3/26/10 - Pittsburgh

Mr. Gnome will be appearing at the Smiling Moose on Friday, 3/26/10. If you follow the blog you know I really enjoy this duo. I placed them on both of my 2009 end year lists for album and concerts. This past year their sophomore album was released entitled Heave Yer Skeleton (cover above). Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) helped produce the lp.

You always fear the "sophomore slump" that seems to befall so many artists who's debut you really enjoy. Thankfully, this didn't happen for Mr. Gnome. They continued to develop their sound where Deliver This Creature left off. "Spain" begins the album as a slow build with haunting piano and barely audible guitar. It then plateaus with stout vocals and and pounding drums before bringing it back to the same melody that started off.

"Slow Side" is another example of maturity for the duo. The opening begins with a rhythmic rift that slides into a soft chorus. Then at the 2:20 minute mark a heart thumping crescendo before ending to a whispering vocal and continuing with a semi-epic feel. "Vampires" is a fun little jaunt with lyrics: well you run from the guys that chase ya down/cause they're huntin you out just to get your head/...drainin all the blood till the body lies dead.

"Slow Side"


This a more than solid followup to a a group who didn't rest on their laurels. Please see the previous show review we did of Mr. Gnome here. Also, an interview before their last tour to Pgh.