Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Show Preview - Miles Kurosky (former Beulah frontman) - Brillobox - 3/29/10 - Pittsburgh - Album Review

Let me say upfront I am a huge Beulah fan and have been for quite sometime. Miles Kurosky, past lead of Beulah, will be performing at the Brillobox on Monday, 3/29. It's been 6+ years since Beulah's demise and with no formal output from front man Miles Kurosky. During that period Miles went through two reconstructive shoulder surgeries and had intestinal issues that required hospitalization (and more surgery). This lead to a dark period for MK who spent most of his time unable to do everyday activities. Creating music was not a priority as rehabbing and staying healthy took precedence.

"Apple for an Apple"

Fast forward to this year and MK finally has released his first solo album The Desert of Shallow Effects. It's not a far extension of his Beulah roots, but it does demonstrate a new direction from earlier recordings. The album tells stories of how MK became who he is today from his family heritage to past relationships. "An Apple for An Apple" begins with an acoustic guitar over subtle, gloomy lyrics. Bring out your dead kids/Bring out your dead/Your sons and daughters, they won't be spared. The song flourishes after with horns and lush string arrangements.

"Notes From the Polish Underground"

"Notes From the Polish Underground" tells the story of MK's grandfather and his experience during WWII. It begins with a slow strumming guitar over a soft piano melody. Myths and tangled webs we spin/Partineers and mutineers are all the same with the Reds. "I Can't Swim" shows the pop genius MK cultivated in Beulah. A throwback to his band, the song plays with layers of chorus and instruments to provide the perfect 4 minute gem.

"I Can't Swim"

This is an album that feels of the 60's pop but offers much more. The songs still have the hooks and layers of arrangements you expect to find on past Beulah albums, but it also is more focused with lyrical content and structure. If you like what you hear be sure to check him and the full band Monday. I can attest he really puts on a great show. I will be posting a interview later this week.