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Mr. Gnome Interview - Show Preview - Friday 3/26/10 - Smiling Moose

Mr. Gnome will be appearing at the Smiling Moose on Friday. It's an early show with doors at 6:30p and Mr. Gnome scheduled to go on at 8p. If you come seek me out and I will buy you a beer, no joke. You can hit up the bar scene on Carson St. afterwards. Checkout the preview/album review here or below.

Heave Yer Skeleton was an excellent follow up to Deliver This Creature. Were you pleased with the results? Is there anything on either album you wish you had changed?

Hey, thanks so much. I'm not sure you can ever be 100% satisfied with making an album because you only have so much time and money to do it…you just try to get the best representation of those songs for that time and hope that it comes across with the same sincerity that it was written with. I don't think we'd change anything just because those are kind of moments in time captured and whether there's parts that you think you could do better, it represents where you were at, at that time.

What would you say the major difference is between the 2 albums? Or would you consider this an extension of the last? I noticed longer arrangements on HYS (or am I off base?).

No, you're definitely right on. HYS was an extension of the more experimental side of what we introduced on Deliver This Creature. We tried to make it more of a whole album vs. just songs. Yeah, there were demos for HYS that were 10 (even 15) minutes long…yikes! if we would've left these arrangements as they were originally written, we may have had a triple album! We tried to trim the final product down as much as we could but you could still tell the creators were on drugs.

Is there an album or show that made you want to dedicate your life to music?

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii was definitely a huge influence on many levels. I remember Sam and I smoked a blunt in his parent's driveway when we were in high school, stumbled down the stairs, dug through Sam's dad's video collection, found Pompeii and have never been the same since.

You just came out with a new album this past year. I read on your site that you are already recording a new album. How far into the process are you?

Well, we're actually still in the writing process. We're looking at recording in late August and hopefully will have a finished product in early 2011.

Your last 2 albums have come out on El Marko Records. It appears when you go to their site that you are the only client. What is your connection with El Marko? Have you ever thought of switching labels to gain more exposure?

After dealing with a few label offers and all of the weirdness that comes with that, we decided to start El Marko Records a few years ago with a business partner, and the goal in mind was to start a small, independent, artist-friendly label with the hopes to eventually sign other artists. We're so busy with mr. Gnome at the moment that we haven't been able to concentrate on expanding the label. As far as switching labels and getting more exposure, it's really just a matter of someone offering a respectable deal and we would definitely consider it. Nothing major…just strippers in our green room, a crystal champagne fountain in a touring limousine driven by Ron Jeremy, and maybe a time machine.

You appear to tour quite a bit. Are you able to create music full time? Or do you have day jobs?

We've been full time musicians now since we started recording HYS back in April of last year. We do some odd jobs now and then when we're home - Sam enjoys stripping…even though he can't find anyone to pay him for it - but for the most part, yes, we somehow do this full time.

What is your goal with the band? How would you deem yourself successful?

We don't want to seem shallow but private jets, caviar, supermodels and cocaine 24/7 are really the essentials for success.

Josh Homme helped create your last record. What was that experience like? Was there areas where he was suggesting that you didn’t feel fit the concept of your album?

We actually got invited to Josh's studio by his studio manager, Justin Smith. Justin was wonderful. We were on the same page for the whole project and he really helped us capture the sounds that we were going for and introduced us to a lot of vintage gear that we never knew existed. We also shared a love for time travel, Battlestar Galactica, The Frogs, The Techno Viking, and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. We love you Sanchez.

From our last interview I know you create your own artwork. What was the conception of this one? What were you trying to say about the album? I really like it.

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it. Heave Yer Skeleton was coined by author Sally Foster Wallace - she was describing the act of going to sleep. When I read that, it stuck in my head and seemed really appropriate when it came time to name the album because of the lyrical content and overall feel. The artwork is basically a dream world interpretation of someone literally falling asleep - we kind of played with the idea of the title and created a visual that displayed someone physically being carried to slumberland. Our music tends to be surreal and abstract…the dark side and the light side…and we tend to make artwork that conveys the same emotions.

Has attendance been picking up at your shows especially from areas you had previously visited?

Yeah, the tours have only been getting better and better and we're extremely thankful for the support we have all across the country. Especially at a time where people may not have money to spend…they come out to the shows and buy us shots??? We love you guys. Thank you for supporting our alcoholism…oh yeah, and our music.

Anything you would to say to Pittsburgh?

We love you Pittsburgh…even though we are from Cleveland :)

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