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Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Interview - Show Preview - Brillobox - 3/19/10

As mentioned previously, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's will be playing the Brillobox this Friday. Lead man Richard Edwards was kind enough to give us an interview which can be found below.

The first time you were in Pittsburgh was at Club Café where there were 10 people in attendance and 8 onstage. The last time you were here there was a packed house. Has this pattern occurred in most cities you play?

Fortunately, attendance has risen in most cities, and seems to be continuing to rise. We had a couple lean years there.

Your album art incorporates animal figures (even with “The Dust of Retreat”). Is there a theme behind this? Reason? Do you create your own artwork?

Our old drummer's now ex-girlfriend did all the paintings for those first two records. Her name is Stacy Novak and she's quite good by my estimation. I'm not too sure where the animal stuff came from, except for the fact that I was incredibly fond of mice when I was a child. Just seemed to fit the feel of the albums I guess.

I read that Epic gave you the ok for a third lp. Have you completed this yet? Any details you are able to give?

It was finished, but we decided to go back in and do a couple more songs. Should be out late this Summer. No violins or trumpets or additional drummers on this one. Just a good ole' guitar album.

It appears that have you decreased your membership in the band from 8. How many are in the band now and do you add any extra for live shows?

About 5 of us made the record, and we've been touring with six. We may try touring with five at some point.

Is there a story behind “I Am a Lightning Rod”? Could you expound on the lyrics? we will vomit up/our chicago luck/and we will dance/on broken sheets of glass/to make our point.

A lot of the songs on that record we're kind of fever dreams a way. Kind of panic induced free association. That song certainly falls into that category. I'd say generally it is about trouble, and maybe a bit of paranoia. Things going black and getting scary.

Has the current state of the economy affected any plans you had for your band from travel or recording? To marketing?

It affects everything. But we feel the current state of the music industry a little deeper than the overall economy. People still seem to come to the shows, and our ticket prices aren't too high. I know we felt it a year ago, we had a tour where the attendance seemed to dip a bit. All the clubs were saying they were down 30-40% for just about everything. But that didn't seem to last too long for us. People buying less records has a big influence on how we, and a lot of other bands record now. Studios are closing. Budgets are way down.

“A Children’s Crusade on Acid” has some relatively depressing lyrical content. Could you expound on the meaning? and a hundred thousand times a day/the yellow lights turn red/and a hundred thousand miles away/i'm turnin' myself in/oh christ, i am!?

I honestly don't remember much about this song except that it was supposed to be part of a sort of concept record about kids living in a mineshaft after the end of civilization. That particular line can be thought of any number of ways, or no ways at all. As far as depressing lyrical content, that just seems to be the way it is for me. I've gotten self conscious at times, but at the end of the day, it's pretty much how I view the world, for better or worse. There are plenty of joys and reasons to keep going, but I'm acutely aware of the nastiness, and that seems to come out when I pick up a guitar.

I read on your site that there is a film in the works of live material by la blogotheque. What other content will this include? Should this be coming out on dvd anytime soon?

They are editing it now, although I haven't talked to those guys for a month or so. Everyone is busy, but it should come out on dvd this Summer, or at least that was the initial plan. It's a film that follows us around on the last tour we did for the 'animal' record. It loosely corresponds to the time that the old lineup was beginning to break up, but I doubt much of that will be evident in the movie. It's a nice document of that period, and I think it will appeal to the few for whom 'animal' was an important record.

I am assuming you will be playing new tunes from your upcoming album. Will anything be on sale (singles, ep, etc) of new material?

We have a 7" with a song from this upcoming album, but not much else until it's out.

From what I read you bring the material for new songs and then the rest of the band adds to it at this point. Is this relatively accurate and has anything changed for Margot #3?

Yeah, I bring in the songs, then we all work on them together. People play their instruments to the song, and the best ideas are the ones that get kept. At least as far as we interpret, "best idea". It still works pretty much the same as it always has, except I'm playing a bit more "lead guitar" on album three, since Andy is no longer responsible for that.

You are originally from Indianapolis. I read that some members still reside there and others are in Chicago? Is this still true and how does this workout when creating new material?

Most of us live in Chicago now. It can be tough to get together, but a lot of Margot work has always been solitary until we go into the studio, so I imagine it would be more difficult if we were a band that wrote together in a big room or something. But most band business happens in Chicago, so people get here and we get our shit done.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Shame about Big Ben.

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