Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apples in Stereo - New Album - Tour with Generationals

Apples in Stereo are coming out with a new album called Travellers in Space and Time on April 16th. This comes on the heels of their last lp New Magnetic Wonder that saw the band expanding their sound and production. They will be touring the area in April, although skipping Pittsburgh and hitting up Morgantown.

They will also be taking the Generationals on tour with them who's album I have listened to countless times now (again thanks to Cindy of 91.3 for the discovery). You can find a review here.

If you go to the below link you will find a video featuring actor Elijah Wood with head Apples man Robert Schneider. You can download music from the forthcoming album, view a family tree of the Elephant 6 Collective, get tour dates, and a bunch of other material.



  1. still kicking myself for missing the Generationals when they were in Pgh. Had some local music obligations that night. Hopefully they will be back.

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