Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show Preview - Ticket Giveaway - Cold Cave - Garfield Artworks - Pittsburgh - 2/22/10 -

Cold Cave will be performing at Garfield Artworks on Monday, 2/22. Cold Cave is a 4 piece from the Philadelphia area with experienced members from some well known bands (i.e. Xiu Xiu). They play a throwback to 80's darkwave synth pop with a bit of a modern twist thrown in. They have been receiving positive review on their recent release entitled "Love Comes Close" on Matador Records.

"Life Magazine"

Lead Wesley Eisold has headed up his share of bands including Give Up the Ghost and Some Girls. Both were ventures into the hardcore and punk scenes than his new band. The early recordings for Cold Cave were done solo comprising a dark atmosphere with pop tones. The nine track album produces many a hook laden songs with mellow tempos. "Life Magazine" is a good example where you hear repeated riffs and distorted vocals that keeps the dead nodding. "Hello Rats" is another track where the vocals are a more discernible with a pumping beat and synth overlay. It's a very good album that is nice to hear from today's norm.

"Love Comes Close"

I have a pair to tickets to giveaway for the show. Just email me here for a chance to win. They should put on a good show.

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