Friday, February 12, 2010

Show Preview - Nonpoint w/ Cold - Altar Bar - 2/21/10 - Altar Bar - Ticket Giveaway

Nonpoint will be performing at the Altar Bar on Sunday, 2/21 at 7p. They are set to release a full length album on April 27th (title is yet TBD). Nonpoint is a four piece from the South Florida area. They play a blend of hardcore, alt-metal and have been doing it since 1998. Their last proper album was an acoustic ep that came out this past December entitled Cut The Cord. Their first single off their new lp is titled Miracle which a live version can be found below.

This is part of a review of the Cut the Cord ep.

The album opens with a hauntingly ethereal version of “What a Day,” with Broderick’s guitar sounding a riff that is somehow spacious, yet filled with such a heavy groove that one can’t help but bang their head along with the record. Vocalist Elias Soriano makes a seamless transition from the electric sound to the acoustic as he weaves in and out of the lyrical lines with a subtle confidence that grips the listener by the ears and pulls them into the song’s storyline. Aside from the dark harmonic grooves of the albums opener, Broderick showcases his classical chops on “Circles” and “Your Signs,” with the former featuring engaging arpeggiated chordal lines by the classically trained guitarist.

"Hands Off" Live (can be found on the new acoustic ep)

I am giving away a pair of tickets to the show. All you have to do is email me with your name.