Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wilco Tickets - 4/11/10 - Carnegie Hall

I attempted to purchase tickets to see Wilco at Carnegie Hall in Oakland at 10a this morning. I went through ticketmaster and hit enter for a pair. Nothing. Literally Wilco must have sold this show out in a matter of minutes. I realize there was a couple of presale events, but still to sellout in a matter of minutes in Pittsburgh? I am impressed. I have seen them twice here, once at the Palumbo Center and another at St. Vincent College. They put on a decent live show. Plus, in my humble opinion, this is one of the best venues in the city. Should be a good time.


  1. Yeah, I tried to get tickets as well and failed. It looks like the ticketmaster scalpers all got their first at least that's what it seems like after looking at the listings on some ticket resale sites.

  2. From what some of us gathered is that the Wilcoworld presale (which I spaced on) consisted of what seemed 3/4 of the auditorium as it was according to the chart they had.
    The YEP presale didn't have many seats offered at all.
    I BARELY got two (2nd Balcony)in the first few minutes on Saturday and within ten minutes single seats were gone as well. I am not complaining because I have been all over that room shooting and there is not a bad seat in the house IMO.
    I am sure you can go the night of the show and snag one, maybe two seats. Just bring an extra arm and leg or as it always happens wait till the show starts and these vultures get desperate.
    Sorry man.

  3. It was disheartening to see how many tickets were already on StubHub and Ebay before 10 on Saturday. Then to see the limit on tickets was 9 per purchase? Give me a break.

    Of all my friends who tried for tickets, collectively we got one. Ridiculous. But like Hugh said, those who are willing to pay for it will be able to get a seat.

  4. I heard that scalpers have found a way to buy up large amounts of tix thru ticket master then marking them up for 4X origianl value. I tried too and couldn't even get a pair. I even called ticket master instead of using their site. No luck there either. I gave up by 11am

  5. This was a botched ticket sale by all accounts. Any time WYEP gets involved; things never happen the right way and real fans don't get a fair chance at tickets.