Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Show Review - Flotation Walls - Garfield Artworks - Pittsburgh - 1/23/10 - Concert Review

Very good show this past Saturday at Garfield Artworks. Flotation Walls played a fun, entertaining set (albeit a little short). Things got started a little later than what was scheduled with a couple of bands performing before FW.

"Willis the Fireman"

If you have ever been to Garfield Artworks you know that at times it's very difficult to get anyone to crowd the stage, especially when the audience doesn't know the band too well. As usual this was the case this evening with the first band on the bill trying to coax people near the stage and then throwing a little vocal jab when they didn't comply. When FA came to the stage, lead Carlos Avendaño possessed the persona and wit to get everyone up close (including the parents from the previous bands). There is definitely an art to this and Carlos really has it down. I wish other bands would take notes on how this can be done.


The band brought a 5 piece this evening capturing a great deal of their sound from the lp Nature. Carlos is definitely a showman keeping the crowd entertained while chatting them up between songs. The crowd appreciated this responding positively after each song. The band sounded tight and performed with a great deal of enthusiasm; you could really tell they enjoy playing. The only downside for me was they had to end their set short due to time constraints. I was a little disappointed, but really enjoyed what they did play.

"Sperm & Eggs"

Flotation Walls are definitely an 'underground' band you should checkout if you enjoy 'art-pop, rock'. If they come back through be sure to catch them live. They really do put on a fun show.


  1. For a blog called Pittsburgh Music Scene you sure go out of your way to ignore any mention of bands in the actual PGH scene.

  2. I guess that is a fair criticism...but its actually called "pgh music report". I am assuming you are in a local band and probably at this show. I would be glad to speak to you. Just send me an email.