Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Show Announcement - Flotation Walls - Garfield Artworks - 1/23/10 - Show Preview

Flotation Walls will be appearing next Saturday, 1/23/10 at Garfield Artworks. It's an early show beginning at 6p. The band is a 4 piece based out of Columbus, OH. They have been touring non stop the last 7 months on their debut album entitled Nature. They play a brand of experimental art-pop, rock using multiple instruments and strings to create their compositions.

"Willis the Fireman"

The band has gone through many incarnations with Carlos Avendano (lead) beginning the endeavor back in 1996. Over 13 years later, the first album was produced. It's an album that is pretty good on first listen, but after multiple plays the payoff really materializes. "Willis the Fireman" is one of the standout tracks. It begins with calming vocals, a plucking guitar and minimal drums before doing a 180. The rest of the song plays with bursting drums, driving vocals and a banging percussion section with lyrics: Last night I/I thought I saw/God’s face in a cloud of smoke. Definitely one of the songs that catches listener's attention.


"Worms" begins with a similar feel to 'Willis' but becomes much more dynamic changing the flow throughout the track. It keeps a rhythmic pace with low key vocals and horns blended over choir voices towards the end. "The Sky Ejaculates" provides the most interesting lyrical content: Although I hate my face/ Although I take up space/The sky ejaculates. The song begins with a soft piano and vocals for a minute and a half before taking it up a notch with strings and quicker pace. The aforementioned lyrics provide the context to the end of the track with thwarted vocals screeching the last verse.

"The Sky Ejaculates"

Flotation Walls provide a very interesting and enjoyable experience to their debut album Nature. For those who enjoy experimental art-pop sound they are definitely something to checkout next Saturday. Listen to the tracks posted and if you like be sure to come out to Garfield Artworks. It's an early show beginning at 6 and Flotation Walls should be playing at 7p. I will post an interview with them later this week.

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